John Cooper discusses SOCIAL HEARTISTRY a paradigm shifting platform.


On Reclaiming Perception Tues 14th March 2017

John has spent the last 6 years traveling to over 40 countries, teaching a philosophy he created called Social Heartistry – which is a platform for healing the heart and expressing to the world as a social artist.

John began by infiltrating the men’s seduction community – creating a paradigm shift to :
• Slowly subvert it into a platform for self-healing.
• Migrate men from a place of acquisition & control of women, to healthy actions of unconditional expression & co-creation.
• Empower men from the core, so they become autonomous beings that attract. (rather than use creepy pick up tricks)

Social Heartistry continues to not only bridge the huge divide that currently separates men and women but also bring back a sense of community the world over.

John’s debut book “Game Over” is a response to the industry, which was created by a book called “The Game”. He explains how the need to hunt for women and chase results, comes from the wounded child within. And how reconnecting to your sense of autonomy and unconditionality is the true path.


Rather than being a “method” or “system” for attracting women, Social Heartistry – John’s new paradigm, is a way of being that naturally draws people into your orbit. It’s easier to understand and “find fulfillment with” than deploy pick-up techniques because it’s based on core principles to adhere to, rather than lines and behaviours to rattle off.

John is now taking his philosophy and introducing it to new audiences and sectors such as the corporate world, prisons, schools . In an aim to bring more love into the world, through the expressing of the individuals uniqueness.