Jo Chats with Alexandra Wenman About Spirituality & the Unseen Helpers


On Reclaiming Perception Tues 19th Sept 2017 9pm -11pm

Alexandra Wenman is a holistic therapist, intuitive channel, writer and speaker, who is devoted to helping people transform their lives for the better, while supporting them on their path of personal development and spiritual growth. Alexandra is the founder of cutting-edge new healing system, Precious Wisdom – a powerful and empowering technique which assists in positive transformation through the process of ‘spiritual alchemy’.

Alexandra offers bespoke and transformational one-to-one sessions and workshops to help you awaken your own gifts of intuition and channeling, heal from past trauma and empower yourself so you can create your best life ever.

Previously editor of a national holistic magazine, articles by and about Alexandra have appeared in Spirit & Destiny, Chat It’s Fate, Natural Health and Kindred Spirit magazines and her first in a series of children’s books on the Archangels, entitled Dear Little Angels is out now (