Jo Catches up with Mel V – Discussing Key Issues in South Africa etc.


Tonight on Reclaiming Perception Mel V from CCN Tues 10 April 2018 9pm-11pm

It’s been a while since I had a good chat with Mel, a lady who I get on with and respect.

Tonight we will be discussing:

  • What is going on in South Africa?
  • Controlled Opposition in Indie Media Sovereign State of Good Hope
  • Mel’s personal journey over the last year / move to PortugalĀ  and various projects that Mel isĀ  involved in
  • How to effect change

I look forward to this not only to learn from Mel’s knowledge and experience but also to get the important information out about what is happening in South Africa – a subject that appears to be drastically under reported by the Western media.