JLomax – talks about the basics of EFT


On this episode Jo gives an overview of her background and how her life experiences have led her to gain an interest in energy healing.  In addition to providing some science facts about how EFT works, how useful it can be for so many things including deep rooted trauma like SRA.

Jo is the host of Reclaiming Perception and she really wants to use this platform to introduce others who have information to share to assist people to gain a sense of their own power.  However she thought as there was not a guest lined up for this particular week she would take the opportunity to share details of this wonderful therapy that has helped so many people over come emotional challenges.

She outlines the key tapping points, the organs they are linked to, how the brain and body respond to emotions like fear including the physical effects on the behaviour of blood and all cells in the body after using EFT and brief overviews of case studies.

Example of one of the slides.