Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational satanic worshiping family and he is a survivor of trauma based mind control. This is a practice that is intentionally designed to traumatise children with a plan to fragment the mind of the child to enable to control the adult. The practice of trauma includes severe sexual abuse from a very young age and this causes the synapses to be rewired from their natural order. This causes different chemicals to be released from the brain to deal with the trauma. This control includes creating the next generation of abusers to continue the family tradition of ritual abuse and satanic worship and controlled slave.

In previous interviews Jay has outlined his family history stating that his father, his grandfather and his mother were in in the Illuminate and his family was associated with them since the 1700’s. The Illuminate goes back all the way to Babylon – known as the old religion.

Jay provides a very powerful explanation how he used EFT to undo / heal the programming from the trauma based mind control. As therapist who uses EFT to get wonderful results I am particularly interested in the process that Jay used to tackle his emotional pain and to break down how we can really educate other survivors of extreme trauma to use this for themselves.

What a brave soul Jay is to speak of the unspeakable to ensure that every day people can see that this is really going on with the intention of making it stop whilst working towards getting people to stand up to these atrocities. It’s an uncomfortable subject but the light needs to be shined on this