Hayley Dee is on Discussing Numerology and Astrology


On Reclaiming Perception, Tues 20th November 2018 9pm-11pm UK Time – Hayley Dee Will be Talking about Numerology and Astrology.

Hayley is another personal friend who I have known for several years, however it was only recently that Hayley actually did my astrology and numerology charts and I was blown away by how accurate they seem.  Not only regarding my key character traits and purpose but also linked to recent experiences of mine across the past few years.

I am delighted that Hayley has agreed to come on to the show to talk about how she landed on this path and to provide a basic understanding of how the stars and numbers influence how our life experience unfolds.

This is Hayley’s Biography from her web page:


From as early as 4 years of age I have seen the spirit realm, this created a curiosity within me from an early age relating to all subjects connected to mystical knowledge. Conventionality was of little interest to me, although working 15 years in my parents interior furnishings company did keep my feet on the ground.

My interest in numerology came following an incredible mind blowing experience with a guided meditation 15 years a go. I saw graphic like mathematical grids and numbers everywhere in the universe, everything seemed to have mathematical codes.

I started to investigate how numbers figure in our life, I found how we’re all patterns of energy, just as everything else is in the universe. Number energy influences structure. I realised how beneficial it could be to understand & practice this subject, how our own number codes hold instruction and divine guidance.

My interest in Astrology soon followed, it’s such a passion of mine, ancient precious knowledge, I love how it gives such insight and prediction to what has been and what will become.

Placing these two great sciences together I work as an Astro-Numerologist studying & implementing the practice of Astrology and Numerology, giving my clients awareness and insights into their sense of purpose, direction, strengths, gifts and personality.
Knowing and understanding yourself is ‘key’ and will open up all kinds of new possibilities.

Astro-Numerology can bring enlightenment, direction, self-belief and self-esteem back into your life.  It can be used to clear blockages allowing you to thrive, identifying the potential path and timing for action.

Hayley’s website: