Dr Robert Davis is the Guest on Reclaiming Perception Tues 20th Feb 9pm-11pm, GMT


Another great guest is lined up to come on to Reclaiming Perception.

Dr. Robert Davis is an internationally recognized scientist in his field, and served as a Professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years.

He graduated with a B.A. and M.A. from the City University of New York and with a Ph.D. in Sensory Neuroscience from The Ohio State University.  Dr. Davis has published over 60 articles in scholarly  journals, lectured at national and international scientific conferences, and was awarded several major research grants. He has authored two recent books and is now engaged in research with the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraordinary Experiences.

Lecture Topics for Keynotes and Conferences on Bridging the Gap between Science and Extraordinary Experiences Spiritual, mystical, and extraordinary experiences, which represent various types of non-ordinary states of consciousness and associated encounters with a supernatural world, have been widely reported throughout human history across cultures. Such unique experiences are often characterized by perceptions of an interconnectedness with the universe, positive emotions, alterations of time and space, insight and wisdom, and the compelling sense that the experience feels “real.” In fact, ever since life crawled out of the primordial soup and evolved into self-aware, inquisitive and inventive complex language based bipedal primates, humans have wondered if one’s “self” or “I” is just the physical body

Dr Davis addresses the following as the  foundation for an objective evidence-based lecture for one to formulate an opinion to frequently debated questions such as:

  • Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence
  • The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?
  • Is death really the end of life or is there life after death?
  • What is consciousness and the nature of reality?
  • Is there a relationship among consciousness, the brain, and scientific principles?
  • Are humans interacting with unidentified aerial phenomena and associated forms of non-human intelligence?
  • Are non-ordinary states of consciousness and extraordinary experiences interrelated phenomena (near-death experiences, and out of body experiences, spiritual, mystical and extraordinary experiences, and extrasensory perception)?
  • Do altered states of consciousness give rise to similar behavioural transformations of one’s personal and philosophical values?
  • Can unexplainable perceptions associated with extraordinary experiences be explainable by scientific principles?

His discussion will address ways to evaluate the complex aspects of these questions in an inspiring, humorous, and engaging manner.

Published Books

  • Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence
  • The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?


  • Consciousness Awareness Conference. Byron Bay. Australia. February, 2017
  • 2nd International Congress on Consciousness. Miami, Florida. March, 2017.
  • International UFO Congress. Phoenix, AZ. April, 2017
  • The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation Conference. Miami, FL. November, 2017
  • The Society for Scientific Exploration. Las Vegas, NV. June 2018.
  • The International Association for Near Death Studies. Seattle, WA. August, 2018

Website https://bobdavisspeaks.com/about/

Email: davisri57@yahoo.com