Dr. Rainer Hermann Kurz – Discusses a child smuggling case that he has been investigating since 2012 & cover ups by various parties


On Reclaiming Perception 11th April 2017 – Rainer Kurz who is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in assessment.

Rainer will be talking about ‘Child Smuggling & Public Safety’ for the first hour concentrating on one chilling case.

In the 2nd hour he will talk about several cases (including the ‘Norwich Three’) and complex topics such as False Memories.

I met Rainer last September and not only was I impressed by his professionalism, his qualifications and experience but also by his tenacity to stand up against a corrupt system to protect the innocent. It is astounding what he has uncovered in recent years and even more so the resistance he has met from a variety of establishment people to either dismiss what he has found or to blatantly attempt to stop him revealing the corruption at so many levels.

People like Rainer give me faith that we will collectively rise up and reveal what darkness has existed and then take back the control to truly protect the innocent children in our society. He is a very brave man who backs up his words with lots of hard work through writing official reports and presenting to his peers and survivors of trauma.

Rainer worked in Research & Development roles for leading test publishers since completing his MSc in 1990. His PhD dissertation was on enhancing the validity and utility of ability testing. Rainer developed 50+ psychometric tests and conducted pioneering research into computer-based assessment, leadership and competencies. He authored more than 100 papers, posters, articles and book chapters. At the BPS he is the Science & Practice Convener of the DOP and a member of the Committee on Test Standards.

Rainer has been investigating a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ case since 2012. He has also supported other victims of over-zealous child snatching by authority representatives where odds are completely stacked against protective biological parents. He has made more than 15 presentations on trauma, dissociation and healing as well as the politics of abuse and cover-up.