Chris Deojee shares his wisdom & links it to the “no gender agenda”


I met Chris at a talk at Hull Truth Juice a few years ago and was impressed by the knowledge he had about linguistics, how it is linked to our perception and how it maintains the current societal paradigm. Be prepared to be educated, to look at things from a different perspective and if you are anything like me have your mind blown by how relevant this subject is to our experience. It is so topical at the moment due to the bombardment of info from main stream media that is pushing us to be gender-less. Why would they do this? What implications would it have on our ability to operate as sovereign beings working with the collective consciousness?

Hope you enjoy my first Show and a big THANK YOU to Chris for leaving your reputation in my hands.

Chris Deojee is an International Mystery of Man teacher working in the field of Gender and The Word (language & ‘spelling’), but rooted in the Toltec Mysteries.

He calls his work Mental Healing to tackle the western pandemic he refers to as ‘mental disembodiment’ and return us to our indigenous nature and has numerous talks & workshops he teaches by invitation.

He has 10 years experience speaking and teaching and has been working on the Science of Spelling and the healing of Gender Understanding for over 20 years.

His website can be found at