Anthea Fenton is on Reclaiming Perception on Tues 13th Feb 9pm-11pm GMT


Due to a re shuffle of the guests appearances Anthea Fenton is now coming on to Reclaiming Perception on 13th Feb 2018.

After a having a good chat with Anthea I am really looking forward to speaking about her experiences and listening to the knowledge she has gained over the years.  You can feel her warmth and wisdom and I am sure it will be an uplifting show.

Anthea’s Description of her background is below: 

~ Anthea Fenton ~ Welcome To My World Empowering Angel’s ~

“For over 40 years I have consciously been in the area of Caring for Others. After qualifying with a B.A. Hons in Social Work and Community Studies. I became a practicing Social Worker in the 90’s, I knew continuous Personal and Professional Development was essential. I resigned from the title Social Worker because of a lack of care for ourselves. Within days, I had been head hunted to teach at the local Further Education College and progressed to the University, where I had completed my degree, to teach. A Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) were my next career development achievements. During this time, I successfully uplifted a charitable organisation in becoming an Assessment and Training Centre. Within 10 years, the greatest gift I chose to accept, a 3 month sick note from the doctor – Trachaetus (loss of voice) Stress, Anxiety & Depression (SAD).

Since 2000 I have been working on my mission and purpose in life – Nurturing Seedlings to reach their full potential.

I have written several books:

~ Life After Stress, Anxiety and Depression

~ The Empowered Soul

~ The Myths of Men

~ The Journey of Innocence.

I have created an Empowerment Toolkit in the form of a board-less board game

~ Empower In An Hour ~ Coaching people to Realign To Their Soul

In line of nurturing seedlings to become their true self, I recognise that I Am:
S is for Soulful
E is for Empowering
E is for Energetic
D is for Divine
L is for Loving
I is for Inspirational
N is for Nurturing
G is for a Go Getter

More information about Anthea’s Empowerment Toolkit can be found at :

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