Annie Logical Will Be Back on Reclaiming Perception To Give Updates About 5G


Tues  5th June 2018 – 9pm- 11pm UK Time

I am delighted to have Annie Logical back on the show.  She has asked to provide further insight into recent findings about about 5G and some facts that have been providing concern about certain sources claiming to be experts.

It appears that there is some dis-info emerging on various media platforms that could discredit the hard work being done by activists.  With this in mind I will welcome Annie back on to the show as I greatly admire her work and tenacity.  We will be discussing facts (not personalities) about information being shared by various sources who appear to be misleading the public.  This needs to be called out for what it is to enable people to align with genuine causes and groups.

Annie Logical ( Anne Marie Carey) is a tenacious and very active citizen who goes out of her way to challenge many current main stream media reports whether, false flag attacks, vaccines, political corruption, geo engineering and the planned roll out of 5G.

The main topic of tonight’s show will be the dangers of 5G  and how the “system” is playing down the potential risks to human and planetary health.  The risk is enormous and we cannot ignore this.

I have followed Annie for a few years now and have nothing but admiration for her work and continuous effort to inform the public with the Truth.  Please listen, get informed and share far and wide so that we can support this mass action campaign.  The consequences could be catastrophic to humanity and we DO NOT CONSENT.  We do not need this generation of technology the frequencies are nothing like 3G or 4G.

From Annie’s website

“There are solutions to these problems. Real Change is a community based groups who help on local levels with problems such as Homeless out reaches and Street kitchens. The Inpower is an International Movement that has created a method that allows the public to giveNotice of Liability to those who wish to implement harmful technologies on us by using their system against them. These are just a few of the resources and help that are being offered to help you ensure that the next generation does  not face a fear based rule.

It’s time for Mankind to find it’s true nature and take back it’s power. 5G Wireless is one of this website’s most pressing concerns as it poses an immediate clear and present danger to our health and as this website develops and grows you will find further information and useful links to resources that will guide you to face these problems. Remember you’re silence is you giving them consent, so don’t be silent, be loud, be proud and get involved.”


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