Anne Redelfs returns to Reclaiming Perception


On Reclaiming Perception (Tues 9th Jan – 9pm -11pm UK time)

I look forward to speaking with Anne again, a beautiful Soul, who decided to step out of the system and take her knowledge of psychiatry to challenge the current paradigm and look to ways of real healing for people.

Anne Redelfs was born and raised in a small mill town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US.  She received an  M.D. from Tulane University.  She did two years of residency in pediatrics and three years in psychiatry at Tulane-affiliated hospitals in New Orleans.  Disgruntled by the excessive use of drugs on the physically and mentally ill, she retired from medicine and pursued independent studies in developmental psychology. Anne currently practices as a “listener” in Texarkana, Texas, where she helps people hear their souls communicating through their symptoms and through every aspect of their lives.

We aim to cover topics such as Human evolution or development and how trauma can spur our growth. This includes the trauma of accidents, injuries, and disease as well as child abuse and RA.

Anne’s Websites are  &