Abigail Pattman Discusses her Books Being Channeled & The Sovereign Human Matrix


I had a great chat with Abigail Pattman on Reclaiming Perception and this will be aired on Tues 12th Sept 2017.

A Beautiful Soul who has experienced severe trauma and she is almost out the other side of healing, enabling her to tune in to her spiritual awareness and gifts to bring in truth and energies to support the New Earth.

Abigail is a Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics using Aborigine Dreamtime Healing and Spiritual Coaching.

Her signature is her down to earth, heartfelt, grounded approach to life whilst deep sea diving into layers of emotions and limiting beliefs presented by her clients and navigating through into clearer waters.

Abigail is a conduit for source energy allowing her clients to release, transform and transition into a deeper, more empowering version of themselves. She is well known for her transformational healing sessions, high vibration guided meditations and ‘activating, catalyst abilities’.

The Sovereign Human Matrix

Abigail is also The channel of The Sovereign Human Matrix book 1 & 2 and is facilitating trainings of this new modality.

She is also is continuing to download new information regarding freedom from Artificial Intelligence and the evolution and ascension of humanity and Gaia.

Abigail is available for private sessions which include; removal and reconfiguration of book 1&2, in depth work within the physical body, soul retrieval, ancestry clearings, trauma release and whatever is intuited to bring her clients back in alignment with their true selves.

Abigail’s website is http://www.abigailsinsights.com/