Jo Talks with a Shaman Qori Quente Gallegos who supports people with plant medicine ceremonies


On Reclaiming Perception Tues 10th Oct 9pm -11pm (UK Time)

Qori Quente Gallegos

Quori was born in the UK and travelled the world originally as a concert musician but she eventually settled in Peru and after experiencing thousands of ceremonies with plant medicine including Ayahuasca she is now a Shaman and beautiful soul who supports others through such ceremonies.  Her name means Golden Humming Bird.

It has been 33 years since returning to the UK and Qori expressed how surprised she is about the energy (what she described as energetic poop) since being here.  There is a noticeable difference in comparison to 1984, she described it as feeling more plastic.   The good news is, this can be cleared and there are many souls on the planet working towards this now.

We will be talking about the shamanic path as a path of awakening and healing, for the individual and the collective. Qori will talk of elemental, nature spirits and harmonious living within the paradigm of the unity between Divine masculine and feminine.