S Powell of New Canaan Ct.,has launched law suits in Ct. Federal District Court against officers of the New Canaan Police Dept. suggesting a deprivation of rights to access to his children, caused when the children reached out to the only accessible source of safety for them, their septuagenarian grandparents who leaped into action at a moments notice when they learned from their grand daughters of unimaginable acts of abuse committed against them. The complaint (Case No. 3:16-cv-01654-SRU) was filed Oct. 3rd, 2016.

S Powell, along with other Predators in Possession of children who harbor secrets against abusive parents know what rocks to look under to procure the services of inimical providers. In this instance, S Powell procured the services of Father’s Rights panderer psychologist Eric Frazier, alleged to be the “expert” du jour to hire to procure false, toxic testimony against innocent, unsuspecting protective parents, such as Jane Powell whose suffering under the rabid, vengeful stalking of her ex husband has been relentless.

The children disclosed a life of horrendous abuse to the police and in a written Protective Order. Their hellish life with their father was kept secret by social work providers hand picked and supervised by gatekeeper of secrets Eric Frazier. Frazer was empowered and enabled to provide baseless, hearsay, testimony by the Connecticut Kangaroo court of Judge Erica Tindill. Complaints against Tindill were filed with the Grievance Council of the Connecticut Courts and published in full in the US Whistleblower, (, the online press for the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts. The attorney for the children offered no resistance and no defense for them, failing to demand attorney representation for teens or advocating for even an in camera interview so that they could give evidence of their ordeal.

The Connecticut Courts are under scrutiny and investigation by several government agencies. The veil of secrecy covers the malevolence of action and malfeasance typified by the practices of the Connecticut courts that have secreted the Civil Law suit filed and settled against attorney Gary Cohen of Stamford and Greenwich, Ct. . Still practicing, Gary Cohen is alleged to have been paying off prominent legal and judicial actors with “raw diamonds” purchased at a community jewelry store in Ct., as well as using envelopes of cash to procure his advantage. Allegedly, an FBI agent witness reported the crimes, though the report was swept under the carpet by the same court that allowed an assistant of Gary Cohen to perform his “Community Service”, (

Complaints against compromised therapists, psychotherapy providers, psychologists are unable to be investigated because the Board of Public Health that is the agency meant to investigate allegations of wrong doing has to seek permission from the predator that has employed the gatekeepers keeping the secrets. Children reporting to their therapists the heinous crimes committed by a Predator parent, such as is alleged of S Powell’s actions, find themselves reported to the parent of whom they live in terror.

The terror feared is then once again compounded and actualized as revenge is enacted, reinforcing fear. The Powell girls were further threatened with being sent into Foster care, separated, sent to different states, as they were told by the complicit DCF caseworkers involved in the corruption collusion, that they would never see each other or their beloved mother again.

The Due Process rights of children in courts are violated constantly and what the courts have not crippled, the auspices and power of DCF and related agencies finish off by sealing off any prospect of access to rescue. “Demoralizing” does not begin to articulate or describe the devastation felt and experienced by children and their protectors placed in this situation, while the Predator Parent is allowed to go free and profit from his crimes.

Powell has profited financially from the child support afforded by Jane Powell’s child support payments (benefits never afforded to the children). Further, Powell’s social status afforded by the long suffering single parent image promoted by Powell, as he stages an image of the father whom has to rise to the occasion of “caring” for troublesome children is, has been and continues to date to be meaningfully unchallenged.

Five years ago Eric Frazer sanitized S Powell’s image before the court by depicting him as a perfect parent. The grand parents, never seen or spoken with by Frazer were allowed to be demonized, vilified, descriptively – no facts admitted or referred to. On the strength of Frazer’s unverified, unqualified commentary, the grand parents were barred from contact with their grand daughters, under the direction of S Powell. The image of his ex wife, Jane Powell was falsely dragged through the sewer as her attorney lack of representation deferred to Powell’s team and to attorney inadequacy as one attorney famously stated, “I have no idea as to what is going on here” as the Powell children were seized by the courts in the midst of multiple false allegations.

S Powell’s enormous amount of self promotion marketed by a skilled self advertiser is assisted by his self congratulatory community, not dissimilar to the community in Tacoma, Washington, described in the interview with sibling survivor Tracy Fabres (NAASCA interview 11/2/16 – father murders daughter, home to care for dying mother) willing to swallow the superficial explanations and not look below a very shallow surface into the sewage below to see the Predator in their midst.

All statements made in this article are completely and thoroughly documented.