Waxxing about Vaccines by Mel Ve


Waxxing about Vaccines by Mel Ve – Many may not know that I am completely deaf in my right ear. This is due to vaccine injury as a child. I got very sick after a set of infant vaccinations, resulting in really bad ear infections, with the end result being total loss of hearing in my right ear.

I went to Houghton Primary School in Johannesburg. It was during Physical Education classes that I began to realize that I did not have hearing in my one ear as I could not tell direction of sound, and struggled with ball games. If stuck my finger in my right ear, I could still hear in my left ear, but when I stuck my finger in my left ear, it was as if I had stuck my fingers in both left and right at the same time. There was definitely something wrong with my hearing and I was able to discern that fact at a young age. I asked my mother to take me to a doctor to have it all checked out. She did not do so. Rather, upon having my tonsils removed at age 7, she asked the doctor to check out my hearing. He did some tests and informed my mother that there was there was nothing wrong with my hearing. The doctor claimed that he thought I was making the whole story up for attention. I remember my mother was very angry with me all the way home, as she thought I was making up the fact that I was deaf in my right ear. Two years later, a school nurse sent a note home to my mother to tell her that I had hearing issues in my right ear. This was discovered upon a routine check up by state funded doctors who would come around to the school, and have us all line up for routine check ups. We used to have our eyes tested, amongst many other things. Many kids were sent off to do special tests, but others were not. I have long since thought there was something suspicious about this, but that is another story. It was during these routine tests that a doctor definitively found that I was deaf in my right ear, and his nurse wrote a note to my mother. My mom took me to have my hearing tested a by an ear, nose and throat specialist. I never forget how my Mom cried the day she found out I was completely deaf in right ear. She cried at the doctor’s office, on the way back in the car, and on my Gran’s shoulder when she arrived at my Gran’s Killarney apartment. This was something I hardly ever saw of my mother.

I was told stories of how I had gotten such severe ear infections when I was young, immediately after I had received the Polio vaccination. At the time, my mom did not put it together. She had unquestionable faith in the medical industry, and still does, and in no way linked my deafness in my right ear to the fact that I had been vaccinated. The reason was always given that it was due to a very bad ear infection. Well the ear infection happened after a set of vaccinations, and I have been deaf in my right ear ever since. I have seen specialists all over the world, and they tell me that it is inner-ear deafness, and that there is nothing they can do to reverse it.

I am ever so grateful to still have my hearing in my left ear, but it has not been without great difficulty. There are many things that are a challenge to me. One of the best examples is the lack of ability to tell direction of sound. I can hear the sound, but it is very difficult for me to tell where it is coming from. You can imagine how frustrating this is when you lose your mobile phone in amongst your things and it is ringing, and you cant find it because you cant tell which direction the sound is coming from. This is one of the funnier incidences, but there have been a few close scraps with my life which have been due to my deaf right ear, such as nearly being hit in traffic numerous times, as I could not hear the car coming from my right.

My journey to create my first Independent Media platform, being Freedom Central – www.freedomcentral.info – was initiated by the realization that vaccines are not benefiting us rather they are damaging us. In fact, my very first interview I ever did for Freedom Central back in August 2009, was with our dear friend and ANTI-VACCINE campaigner, Desiree Rover.

Desiree is someone who has also had to learn the hard way about the sick sad truth regarding the Big Pharmaceutical industry, and just how it is “in business” with disease, having lost her son as a toddler due to cancer caused by vaccines.  Desiree Rover now hosts a weekly show on CCN called THE MINORITY OF ONE REPORT.

As I continued my journey interviewing many different people, and gathering as much data as I could, I began to look at the statistics with regards to Colonial Native Genocide. Upon examining raw data about how many native children in Canadian church run Indian boarding schools, it became abundantly obvious that vaccines were being used as a weapon of mass destruction. One statistic that stood out to me quite clearly is just how many children who survived these boarding schools, as the mortality rate was on average between 40 – 70%, is just how many kids that did survive were either completely deaf, or completely deaf in one ear.

This pattern was again evident when I went through the raw data pertaining to the natives of Australia. The effects were near enough identical, and a great number of Aboriginal, or Originals as I prefer to reference them, had also suffered deafness in varying degrees.

When living in London, I often used to watch news reports about mums not wanting to vaccinate their children with what was then referenced as the MMR Vaccine. This vaccine is supposed to be a preventative vaccine against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Instead, this vaccine has led to a rise in autism in children, and there were many mothers who were refusing to vaccinate their children. The big debate was then that moms of vaccinated children did not want their kids to be schooled with other kids who had not been vaccinated out of fear of their kids becoming sick with an infections disease. The whole thing was a big mess in the media at the time, and interestingly enough, this story has never gone away, just become bigger and more horrifying as we realize the full scope of the damage done to so many people who are suffering so that others may profit.

Vaccines have become such an effective money spinner for the big pharmaceutical industry, that they can near enough predict, from the number of vaccinations given, just how many people will get type one diabetes, or be on kidney dialysis. It is a very profitable to keep people ill as a healthy population is not as profitable to Big Pharma.

Biological warfare is being conducted against each and every one of us who has had a vaccination, and many of us are just ticking time bombs for the manifestation of some sort of disease or illness. After all the research I have done over the last 8 years, it has become abundantly clear that the purposes of vaccinations has nothing to do with the prevention of disease, rather for the creation of it.

Waxxing about Vaccines by Mel Ve

What is rather interesting to see is that many high profile people are realizing the affects of vaccinations due to their very own children becoming ill. Anti vaccine campaigner Jenny Mc Carthy is one such person who has learned this lesson the hard way. This beautiful and savvy mainstream media personality has healed her son from autism by detoxifying him from vaccinations.

It is interesting to note too that Robert De Niro’s kid is also autistic. This has made for some interesting developments when the film VAXXED was scheduled to play at the Tribeca Film Festival which is organized by Knight of Malta, Robert De Niro. After initially agreeing to screen the film, De Niro, no doubt under pressure from the Roman Cult who control the Big Pharmaceutical industry, pulled the film from being screened. What kind of father would do that?

Please read the full details in the article written by Global Freedom Movement

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What is becoming abundantly clear is, that more and more people are waking up to the truth about vaccinations. Refusing to vaccinate your kid is the best life insurance policy you could give them, as opposed to pumping them full of toxic substances, one of which is mercury, one of the most poisonous substances to living beings.

Conscious Consumer Network is dedicated to informing people about the dangers of vaccinations, and it has been the foundation upon which we laid our very first stepping stone into the cosmic gauntlet that is the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.  We continue to bring awareness to this cause, in order to help create a better, healthier, less toxic world for the next generation to inherit.

We thank all those wonderful people out there who continue to campaign to raise awareness about vaccinations. Being a vaccine injury survivor myself, I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Together we are making an impact. I see the awareness growing everyday.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




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