WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 11 May 2017 @ 7pm


WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 11 May 2017 @ 7pm – It has been a while since I have taken to the air for a catch up on what has been going on in the world of INDEPENDENT MEDIA.  There has been so much going on behind the scenes that I have been taking my time to observe the process, rather than behave like the annoying media whores who polite independent media, by just blurting out any old non-sense that comes into my head, just for the sake of my own voice being herd.  Rather, I have waited to see how the dust settles on some rather tense situations behind the scenes, and have taken time to observe and process the outcome of some interesting scenarios that have played out in my personal life, and in the online world.

What I have to say this week on WAX LYRICAL, needs to be said, and I have absolutely no fear anymore about how things may be perceived.  The playing field has been evened out from our side, as much as possible, and it is game on for the dark forces who are determined to mess with us, and to obscure the truth from humanity in order to fulfil their own selfish desire.

As always, the work we do here at Conscious Consumer Network is aimed at creating a better world, and we oppose those who are hell bent on causing destruction.  It is time once again to shine a light into those very dark corners, and show the truth for what it is.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve