WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 16 January 2017 @ 9pm GMT


WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | 16 January 2017 @ 9pm GMT – With so many years in the world of media, both mainstream, as well as Alternative / Fringe / Independent media, I have watched many people come and go, all toting various versions of the truth they believe to have found for themselves.  Very often, these opinions are got somewhat second hand, via the reading of some book or article that may have potentially “resonated” with you, and these apparently resonant factors are thus incorporated into one’s supposed understanding of reality.

Finding truly genuine and authentic people, who are truly on a journey of self discovery, and not one of leaning more towards the creation of some kind of iconoclastic idolatry, is becoming harder these days.  Everyone claims to be an expert in some or other area, and thought I don’t dispute that there are a great many intelligent people out there doing amazing  work and research, what is abundantly clear is that more and more people just adopt certain aspects as part of their external locus of identity without looking deeper.

The creation of the self proclaimed or self style gurus of the supposed freedom movement, has tainted the purity of the virtuous circle of learning, and the discovery of truth.  Being the Creative Director of a FREE & INDEPENDENT media network, has exposed me to a great many personality types, and their varying agendas, and sadly, some people simply still do not get the fundamental basics when it comes to truly making a difference on a grass roots level.  Sadly, it does first start with being the change you want to see in the world, and not adding to the illusion and confusion.

Join me Mel Ve, as I get into various issues pertaining to COMMUNICATION, COURAGE, COMPASSION, COURTESY, KINDNESS and HONESTY, and the lacking thereof in the world.

Peace Love Unity Resect

Mel Ve