TONIGHT: CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES with Mel Ve | Preserving diversity in a Global Village | 2 June 2016 @ 7pm BST


TONIGHT: CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES with Mel Ve | Preserving Diversity in a Global Village | 2 June 2016 @ 7pm BST – We live in a global village and it is getting smaller and smaller everyday as we share experiences and CULTural influences with each other.  Enjoying many different CULTures is part of the joy of life, as it adds to the diversity and richness of our life experience.  Travelling the world has certainly been the greatest experience of my life, and indeed, I wish I could do more of it, and experience other CULTures, as this is something I CRAVE beyond measure.

With the ease of travel and the evolution of the internet in recent decades, the world has become smaller and easier to access, both directly and online.  We are confronted with CULTural influences from all over the world, and although this is wonderful to experience, the problem we are now faced with is, much CULTural diversity is being lost in the process as we move to a homogenised mindset all geared towards the same objectives.

The question remains, how do we preserve our specific CULTural heritage whilst being part of the process of GLOBALIZATION?

We also examine the difference between CULTURAL PRESERVATION and SEPARATISM, whilst tackling some very sensitive subjects such as RACISM and APARTHEID.

Join me tonight as I delve deep into the controversial quagmire that has been a hot topic, following on from dodgy journalistic tactic on behalf of some racist COINTEL  crazies who are stirring things up… and not in a good way.

Hopefully I can shed some light and bring some clarity to the confusion, that clearly has left some people polarising on matters that really should be bringing us together.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve