The reality is, crime and poverty affects all of us, no matter what color / race you are, and indeed, there are the lucky few from all colors who get to experience privilege. To associate suffering as predominantly a black problem, or to in tern blame whites for that suffering, only plays into the DIVIDE and CONQUER tactics that are used to keep us fighting each other, and distracted from the real enemy. Race and color are an artificial mechanism of division, and a truly evolved human being knows that diversity is the key to strength, and thus we must be tolerant, accepting and embracing of each other’s ways and cultures, preserving our own cultures, whilst experiencing the diversity of others.

For many years now I have been putting much energy into raising international awareness about the genocide being perpetuated against the farmers of South Africa. The BOERS as they are collectively known, are the bloodline or group of people from whom I am descended. The Boers stem from a diversity of backgrounds and ethnic groups, from all sides of the color spectrum, having all found their way to South Africa, and having descended through time, through war, through suffering, to be almost eradicated and extirpated from the history books. They fought two gallant wars against invading British forces, to keep South Africa FREE, even calling these wars, the Freedom Wars. The descendants of those who survived Lord Kitchener’s Scorched Earth Policy and concentration camps, have over the last 25 years since the African National Congress government has taken power, faced near enough extinction from the mass killings being perpetuated in the most brutal and ritualistic ways.

The collection of evidence that has so far been gathered points to a continuous pattern proving that most of these murders are ritually motivated and executed, whilst being passed off as being racially motivated hate crimes. KILLER CULTS created out of fanning political and racial hatred, are an epidemic in South Africa, starting with the most innocuous such as the basic religious groups, to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, to the Freemasons, to the Hell’s Angels.

With the overwhelming evidence that exists, pointing to some pretty disturbing facts, I combined forces with a number of international groups in order to create momentum for some kind of lawful action to bring those perpetuating these crimes, to some form of justice. With the evidence I had acquired, which had taken the help of many people, I took it upon myself to make applications in person, to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in order to bring this case before the International Criminal Court (ICC).…

The ICC had previously rejected this case, but that did not stop us from making attempts to bring this case forward. The evidence is so strong and compelling that it simply cannot be mistaken for being anything other than what is says, outright government sanction genocide.

So of course it is no surprise to learn that South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party, which came to power under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, has decided to raise questions about South Africa’s membership to the International Criminal Court, saying that the war crimes court has lost direction and is no longer fulfilling it’s mandate.

Well two things there:

Firstly, the ICC has NEVER fulfilled it’s mandate. It was set up and funded by George Soros, and the only way you can bring a country to trial for war crimes, is if that country is signed up to the treaty that set that particular war crimes court up. Now the interesting thing is, the two biggest war states on our planet, being AMERICA and ISRAEL, both have never signed up to the ICC. Of course they would not sign up to the treaty upholding a war crimes court, as they are themselves the biggest perpetrators of war crimes in our present times. It is impossible to bring either Israel or America before the ICC, and thus the war crimes court has always in my opinion, been rather redundant.

As South Africa is or at least was signed up to the treaty until recently, effecting the war crimes court in The Hague, the South African government is liable to be tried if a case against it proceeds through the International Criminal Court. Needless to say that with all the international pressure that is coming from the STOP THE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA action groups around the world, and the dozens of applications that have now been filed (and rejected) by the International Criminal Courts, something had to give, and it seems that rather than the International Criminal Court looking like the farce that it actually is, by not following through on very clear cut cases with indisputable evidence, it seems that it is being spun as South Africa having decided to leave.

The question remains, did South Africa leave the ICC because they could no longer escape the vast amounts of applications and international pressure on them regarding the human rights atrocities and genocide in their own country?

After all, the South African ANC government made comments criticizing the ICC’s focus on “African cases”.

After years of working to bring the case of genocide of my people in my home country, to an International court for hearing, I am in no way surprised at this recent prance around the political chessboard. It is becoming abundantly more clear that these international courts and tribunals are just more distraction, to keep us believing that in the illusion of peace and justice, when really, there isn’t any. I am most sincerely apologetic to my fellow BOER brothers and sisters for not being able to do more, but I now hope you see what I have been telling you for a long time, and that is the International Criminal Courts are not the answer to South Africa’s problems. We need to look within our own country for solutions. Nobody is coming to the rescue!