Project World School visits CCN in The Hague


Miro and Lainie

What a wonderful week we had last week as Project World School were in Holland and made it to The Hague.  We were so blessed as we got to be physically in the presence of with one with one of our beloved CCN Broadcasters, being Lainie Liberti, who hosts FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING, VOICES OF THE ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION MOVEMENT on CCN, which won Lainie the accolade of BROADCASTER of the YEAR for 2015.  Apart from providing unique, interesting and well researched content, Lainie’s exceptional dedication to revolutionising learning with Project World School, along with responsible and professional approach to her media content, has won her much love and respect from those who are blessed to work with her, and we sure were excited about her visit to Holland.

Meeting somebody in person gives a whole new perspective on that person as opposed to just working on air, online, and from across the world, and we were most certainly not disappointed.  Lainie is possibly one of the most authentic and refreshing people I have ever had the pleasure to hang out with.

It was truly a delight to meet Lainie’s beloved son Miro, who has to be the luckiest kid in the world to have a mother like Lainie.  The true impact of his amazing adventures and how this has benefited him is evident in just how intelligent and articulate he is on a great many subjects, and is truly an ambassador for Project World School.

Miro truly impressed us with his delivery when he got on stage at the TED talk he did along side Lainie in Amsterdam, as his world savvy vibe shone through.

last day with lainie

From Amterdam, Lainie, Miro and Katie hopped on a train and came to visit us here at CCN HQ, and we wanted to say a very big thank you to Lainie, Miro and Katie for coming to visit us.  We had such an amazing time getting to know you all, and we were so sad to see you leave.

The greatest part about what we do by providing a platform to FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, is the amazing people we get to work with.  With all the darkness and drama going on in the world, I take great comfort in the amazing group of people collectively comprising of the CCN broadcaster family, and hope that we will get a chance to meet with them all in person one day… and who knows, perhaps we can even all one day be together in the same room, instead of just on a screen from across the world.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel & Biggi