NEW on CCN: THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA with Simon Roche | 12 January 2017 @ 8pm GMT


NEW on CCN:  THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA with Simon Roche | 12 January 2017 @ 8pm GMT – Following on from a wonderful chat with South Africa Simon Roche, where we discussed his work with an organisation called SUIDLANDERS, we could not resist inviting Simon back not Conscious Consumer Network to share his vast knowledge about the true history of South Africa.

Many do not realise what is really going on in South Africa, because mainstream media has historically played out an agenda of disinformation to brainwash us.  With the rise in FREE & INDEPENDENT media sources such as CCN, a platform has been created for people to come forward and share the truth with the world.

THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA is a series that tracks the history of South Africa, and explains the state of affairs today, and exactly how we got to that point based on factual information, much of which can be verified from sources available in the public domain.

South Africa historically has always been a testing ground for global politics, and this is why it is so important for the world to pay attention as to what is going on there, because this will give you an indication as to what agendas will soon be playing out in other countries.

Join us for the pilot episode of THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA with Simon Roche, and learn some truly astonishing facts about the world we live in.