THE LAST OF THE BOERS – RELOADED | Special Feature | 23 November 2016 @ 7pm GMT



On 25 February 2016, Mel Ve’s documentary film THE LAST OF THE BOERS, was blocked on You Tube after having received 61 225 views.  This happened to coincide with an escalation of violence in South Africa, coupled with land reform polices being passed in the South African parliament, literally legalising the confiscation of any land for any purpose with no need for any compensation.

The removal of THE LAST OF THE BOERS from You Tube also coincided with Mel Ve’s public letter to the world governments aimed at bringing awareness to the situation happening in South Africa, and to ask for refugee status for those who are fleeing from South Africa.  The international community has been largely ignorant of the situation faced by people in South Africa, and South Africans are not recogniSed as refugees, despite large amounts of refugees being admitted to Europe at the moment.

Upon trying to re-upload this documentary film to You Tube, the clip was repeatedly rejected due to a piece of footage at the time stamp from 1:07:56  to 1:08:19.  BBC Worldwide have claimed copyright over the visual content.  This film was never monetised, and a fair usage notice was included in the original cut of this documentary, so there copyright claim on a few seconds of footage is over 60 years old, can only be seen as attempts to cover up the truth about the past, by the Military Intelligence / Industrial Complex controlled media, which is what the BBC is, and always has been.

Never being one to be defeated, Mel Ve then went on to create STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE, a website and media platform that has gone viral, containing the most up-to-date and well researched information with regards to what is really going on in South Africa.  A free eBook of Mel Ve’s book can be obtained from this site.

So what is the content that caused all the contention, that this documentary was pulled from You Tube without any warning, and on the same day as the as South Africa passed its land reform policies?

The footage is nothing other the the assassination footage, as well as the funeral footage, of former South African Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd.

This is the re-release of the re-edited version of THE LAST OF THE BOERS, with a few necessary references corrected and updated.

This film can not be uploaded to You Tube archives, and since Conscious Consumer Network has recently lost our ability to stream on You Tube, we have returned to LIVESTREAM, where we are FREE from the censorship of You Tube, hence the decision to re-edit and re-release the THE LAST OF THE BOERS – RELOADED!

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM MEL VE:  This film is RELOADED and re-released for the many beautiful souls who have been asking me where this film is.   I will be making a new film shortly called BLACK RAINBOW.  Thank you to all who continue to support my work and share our journey.

This film was originally produced by Mel Ve’s FREEDOM CENTRAL media.

The RELOADED version of THE LAST OF THE BOERS will PREMIERE on 23 November 2016 @ 7pm GMT / 9pm South African time.  Join LIVE to participate in the chat.

In the mean time, CCN is seeking an alternative platform upon which to archive the RELOADED version of  THE LAST OF THE BOERS, but this may be your only opportunity to see the film for those who have been asking, so this one is for you guys.  We do this because we love you all xxx

Peace Love Unity Respect

The CCN Team