The majority of people out there have been systematically programmed out of their attunement to the very basic universal laws that we are all subject to. As a result, we have been indoctrinated into believing and supporting agendas which result in war, suffering, murder and all manner and means of destruction. Most people never stop to think about whether any of this stuff is justified, until they become the victim of circumstances perpetuated by a very dark clandestine agenda, which is visible to anybody, once you take the time to dig past the dirt and filth of mainstream media lies, and societal indoctrination.


The very basics in understanding of what is right and wrong gets blurred when one applies concepts such as nationalism, patriotism, democracy and of course, freedom.

Ask yourself for just a moment, when is it ever okay to kill innocent people, even if it is under the guise of war, be it offensive of defensive?


We have been so confused that we have ourselves believing that it is necessary to go to war in order to achieve peace. We are led to believe that the sacrifice of soldiers and of civilian losses is a necessary part of some process.

But what process?

Not one that benefits greater humanity.


The business of murder, i.e. WAR, has nothing to do with maintaining global balance, and everything to do with making money. Indeed, the arms industry is one of the most lucrative on the planet, and the Military Industrial Complex which manufactures WAR TOYS, are very powerful and evil bunch, who care nothing for the damage they do or the lives they destroy in their psychotic quest to conquer all.


When looking back through history, we are often sold the side of the victor, as the good and righteous, no matter how bloody the trail behind them. A very good example of this from recent history, has been the global acceptance of Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress government as heroes to their people. Despite the fact that South Africa is way worse off after the presidency of Nelson Mandela than it was before, Nelson Mandela is revered internationally as an icon of FREEDOM. It hardly ever gets mentioned that Mandela is responsible for many acts of terrorism, which resulted in the loss of many innocent people. This is a perfect example of how one man’s Terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter, and indeed, the world is so backwards today, that if you dare to speak out about the nefarious attrocities perpetuated by the corporate state, one is labeled as a terrorist.


It is almost impossible to know who is who in the international geopolitical zoo, and just believing in what we hear from mainstream media, has gotten us nowhere but confused. For me, the way I identify what is moral and immoral, is by following the three basic principles of:





Any party, no matter who they may proclaim themselves to be, and no matter which ideology they claim to represent, who may breach these basic tenants of basic human decency, are the persons and / or parties one should stay well clear of.


At the end of the day, good people come in all colors, nationalities and religions, just as the villains do, and relegating people to being BAD or GOOD based on external artificial mechanisms of division, does nothing but feed into the tactic of DIVIDE and CONQUER, which is how those who control the DARK AGENDA, have managed to keep humanity enslaved and suffering for so very long.


Never has it been more important to look beyond the surface level of conflict we are being sold, and to really start to work together in bringing about the creation of a constructive, rather than destructive, world.


Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve