For those of you who follow my work, you will know that the following information is well researched, well covered journalistic territory for me. For anybody wishing get to grips with the intricate building blocks which, ultimately accumulate to form the enslaving patterns I shall discuss in this article, please feel free to review my series called DRAGONOLOGY






If you have seen DRAGONOLOGY, you will most likely be comfortable in the notion that I what I am about to tell you, is based on well-researched, indisputable fact.


What I wish to discuss is nothing short of a warning call to all those who have been able to see the matrix for what it is. Once these people emerge from their mainstream media generated mind control slumber, they are often disorientated, looking for something REAL and TRUTHFUL in which they can now believe, and begin to reconstruct their shattered realities with. This is when these people are the most vulnerable, and make perfect targets for creating mayhem. The greatest threat to the awake and aware individual at this point is CULTS.


When most people think of CULTS, they think of religious fanatics, or as has been popularized by Alternative Media sources, secret societies such as the Freemasons and Knights, or baby sacrificing, blood drinking devil worshippers. But that is only one extreme of CULTism, but a very relevant marker as to where they all head, because what most people do not realize is, that when you trace all cults up through all their orders and histories, they all end up at the same place. Ultimately, all CULTS are controlled by the same dark, enslaving forces that control humanity today through CULTure.


Less innocuous but just as efficacious is the emergence of New Age related CULTS. These CULTS range from the more commonly known extremists who worship groups of so called “ascended masters”, to those who claim to channel messages from Sirius or the Galactic Federation.


Now let me clearly state the difference here between healthy lifestyle choices and CULTS. Just because one may choose to do SUNGAZING, or practice YOGA, or be a VEGAN, or go tripping on magic mushrooms, it does not necessarily mean they subscribe to any CULT ideology. These are just lifestyle choices, which can be very beneficial to one’s beings. Often within CULTS, one may be required to follow specific lifestyle choices and practices, ranging from fasting and feasting, to physical activities or rituals, to prayer or worship, to the clothes worn and the idols worshipped.


One of the most recognizable key indicators that defines a CULT per se is the demand or reinforcement of adherence to a particular practice, belief system or ideology that may or may not be based on logic and practical reality. This basically facilitates the stripping down of personal identity, to take on the identity and beliefs of any particular CULT.


The purpose of all CULTS is the exact same as all RELIGIONS, which are also just CULTS, and this purpose, is to DISTRACT and DIVIDE. They are predicated for the same basic principle of DIVIDE and CONQUER, and you can be sure that those doing the conquering, are the ones who control all CULTS, often through various well distanced intermediary organizations.


The internet has become the psychological soil in which modern day CULTS go about their clandestine agenda. They masquerade as FREEDOM MOVEMENTS and TRUTH MOVEMENTS, but really, they are nothing more than distracting diversions to keep people running around in circles.


There seem to be a huge upsurge in so called gurus of TRUTH and FREEDOM, so much so that their followers go to war on social media with anybody that dares to speak dissentingly about them. Indeed, many have seized on TRUTH like a hip new religion, with the ultimate prize supposedly being our FREEDOM. Indeed, many wannabe FREEDOM GURUS sell unrealistic schemes in return for donations, purportedly aimed at ultimate FREEDOM, including the holy grail of the FREEDOM QUEST being FREE MONEY.


We have been around the block so many times now with various different schemes played out for the profit of a few selfish schemers, who have all enjoyed funding and global travel at the expense of desperate worshippers all hoping for something, anything to breath relief into dire state of humanities existence.

It has been sickening to sit back and watch pointless activists on the social scene, fear porn merchants, and crystal toting, granola munching new age gurus, pedaling their latest phantom cause, for the purpose of personal gain and profit.


There is a very good reason why the world is struggling to move from the dire state that it is currently in, and in fact, it will only get worse, and the reason is, because people by and large, even the supposedly awake and aware folks, have not yet broken past their CULT programming, and they are all to readily sucked into the latest system of belief promising great things that will never happen. They throw large sums of money at these fakers and their phantom causes, instead of channeling resources into ground world saving, breaking projects, and trust me, there are many presently on the go in much need of funding, with huge potential for creating the FREEDOM we all so desperately crave and seek.


Just as CULT indoctrinated extremists are programmed into suicide bombing with the promise of great things in the afterlife, so the awake and aware FREEDOM seeking crowd, are tricked into various online loosely constructed pseudo organizations, which rely purely on CULT IDOLITARY to suck in vulnerable searchers, in order that vulnerable souls may hose down their new found messiahs with money.


Let me just lay this straight down the line, there is no such thing as FREE MONEY. It cannot and will not exist in our present society. It is not that these schemes won’t work, but the chances are you may end up going to jail for FRAUD. Even if somebody gives you a donation, they most likely had to work to get that money they donated to you, so donations are not FREE MONEY.


There are many lost causes on the ACTIVIST scene who are raking in money, and for what purpose other than to line their own pockets? Nothing comes of these campaigns. There is no product or service oriented at creating a better world, at the end of it. Yet people seem to get so sucked in by the hype and excitement and false promises, that they unwittingly throw valuable resources at lost causes, instead of directing them towards projects that are actually making a difference.


It is not that we lack the capability or solutions to change the world, because after all the years I have been involved in the information wars, I can conclusively tell you that I have seen for myself that the solutions to changing the world exist and are very real. The reason the world is not changing, is because it is easier to find world changing solutions, than it is to get people to work together on implementing those solutions. Many come forward claiming to want to work on projects that will save the world, but really they are only concerned about saving themselves, and if a quick fix solution makes itself apparent, they very quickly drop all interest in the greater good, in favor of what is good for themselves.


No one person can change the world alone, and indeed it is naïve to think in such terms, but there is no point in only focusing on saving ourselves, because we all live on this rock together. We all breathe the same polluted air, and we all consume the same toxic food, and that will not change without a mass concerted effort relying on us all coming together and putting our personal desires aside, and focusing on the bigger picture. Because the reality is, your kids simply will not inherit a clean, safe, peaceful, just, sustainable world, unless that is a realistic expectation for every person on our planet.


We are all in this together. It is time to pull together.


Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve