DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 episode 5 | 1 February 2017 @ 7pm GMT


DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 episode 5 | 1 February 2017 @ 7pm GMT – Mel Ve takes us into the deep and dark history of the world, through an exploration of DRAGON mythology across the world.

DRAGONOLOGIST Mel Ve decodes the many languages and symbols to reveal the DRAGON interwoven into the very fabric of our reality through an exploration of ancient ruins, art, sculpture, architecture, archeology, anthropology, symbolism, language, sport, music, theatre and many modern day pastimes and rituals, all alluding to DRAGON WORSHIP, RITUAL and SACRIFICE.

For those who missed last week’s episode of DRAGONOLOGY season 3 episode 4, we took a look at several ancient sites around the world to get a context for the dating of the oldest ritual site ever found, dated at about 70 000 years old.

Mel Ve got a rare chance to interview Sheila Coulson who is an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo in Norway, who was in charge of an excavation that took place at Tsodilo Hills in Botswana, Southern Africa.  This excavation took place in what is called Rhino Cave, a place that has an ancient carved stone serpent as its dominating feature, indicating the oldest evidence of serpent worship or Ophiolatry.

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