CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES: SYNERGY HUB ROTTERDAM | MEL VE speaks to YAN GOLDING | 12 October 2016 @ 7pm BST – As CCN’s studios are based in Holland, we were delighted to see some initiatives taking place in our part of the world.  Meet Yan Golding, the co-creator of SYNERGY HUB ROTTERDAM, a space that hosts The G.A.M.E throughout the month of October 2016.

CCN will be putting in an appearance at the SYNERGY HUB in Rotterdam over the course of the next few weeks, where we will be doing a presentation on Free & Independent Media / Cultural Re-education.

For more about The G.A.M.E:


As part of The G.A.M.E. we are inviting local and national organisations and networks of the New Stories to come to the Synergy Hub to participate in Synergy Days. The design of these S-Days is an emergent co~creative process (as is this entire G.A.M.E.) and you are most welcome to play! 

What we have agreed thus far is that each day will have a particular them, meaning that we will gather groups from particular sectors and fields around the intention to synergize in a completely emergent and co~creative flow space.

Through our ongoing experiments in synergistic co~creation here at the Synergy Hub we hope to share and continue co~creating new and innovative ways of revealing and realising our collective potential to manifest a passions-based human civilisation of abundance for all.

My intention in general is to create a society that is enlightened: meaning people are acting out the inspiration and being a direct channel of their soul’s purpose. Introducing practices, knowledge and other experiences to enable this movement is key.

If the intention is to connect people to synergize with the synergyhub, noomap, living your highest excitement, law of time, united earth, and all the things that are happening here.. Let’s see what synergies can happen.

Synergyhub ideas:

Challenges for a world of abundance. For instance on the theme’s below, and I also like the combination of the different aspects of society as in the diagram that Lindsay shared:

  • Justice, resources and health
  • Education, spirituality and culture
  • Ancient wisdom, technology and relations
  • Infrastructure, environment and communication


Initiating a world of inner- (in tune with living your highest excitement and embodying the love, inspiration and passion that we are) and outer-abundance: creating a natural paradise for all life on earth.


  • Creating education material for living your highest excitement.
  • Creating food production, sharing for an healthy diet for 1000 people designed by permaculturist, vegan chefs, …
  • Creating an education centre for life of flow, excitement, synchronicity, imagination and many more magical aspects of life.
  • Designing new cities/ archipuncture interventions that raise the frequency of cities
  • Create a team for Noomap/ Home to make it happen
  • Design Antonius into an example hub, that meets all our dreams, visions and is an example of co-creation, living your highest excitement, natural live and work place, sport, meditation, yoga and other facilities.
  • Create a co-creationhub/ village in the area of Barcelona, Egypt and Jerusalem
  • Creating social programs for homeless, nearly homeless.


And many more ideas.