CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES with Mel Ve | 15 December 2016 @ 6pm GMT


CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES with Mel Ve |15 December 2016 @ 6pm GMT РWith all the confusion that is going around the internet these days, it is often difficult to know how to deal with many situations.  We have been routinely programmed into being hateful and judgemental, and indeed we are being encouraged by leaders in the truth movement, to know the difference between wrong and write, and to act decisively on this morals.  However, all too often we find these judgements of becoming dogmatic, putting us right back at the starting point off all the chaos, irrespective of how much truth we may perceive ourselves to be in possession of.

There is a distinctive lack of compassion and empathy amongst the well meaning truth speakers and seekers, who are largely projecting their pain and suffering into most situations.

Indeed there seems to be a distinct lack of emotional maturity when it comes to certain people in the awake and aware movement, leaving one to ponder, how awake and aware are they really, when they lack compassion and empathy for the suffering of others?

Join me for CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES where I will be joined by David Brian Kelso from PARADIGM SHIT – AN EDUCATIONAL COMEDY, to discuss the need for more empathy and compassion in our journey towards awareness and understanding.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve