CCN Third Quarter Review 2016


It is always good to reflect on progress, and to assess what parts of a project are fruitful and relevant, and to be honest about what needs improvement.  Navigating the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT media has been a tremendous growth experience for the CCN Team, but through much adversity, we  have grown strong and wise.  We are on the precipice of a whole new phase of the CCN project, having made the necessary infrastructural adjustments to take this network to the next level.

The Third Quarter Review review reflects a stability, strength and organisation that has kept us on a steady path towards creating a New Paradigm of media.  The extended CCN family has had many adventures, and as always, we provide a strong support network of stability in the chaos of the information war.

Thank you to those who continue to support CCN through the many challenges we have had to face.  We are here to stay, so please get in touch if you want to get involved with a REAL project with trackable progress and accountability.

Peace Love Unity Respect

CCN Team