ARCHIVE: WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | episode 6 | 14 April 2016


ARCHIVE : WAX LYRICAL with Mel Ve | episode 6 | 14 April 2016  –  With my usual bout of stuff to wax about, I dealt with misrepresentation in the media, using examples from my past in my mainstream media career in London, as well as demonstrating from actual examples as to just how damaging it can be as per recent events.

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I discuss business ethics and give more insight into the growing phenomenon of BRAND VAMPIRISM, demonstrating examples from my own media experience.

I discuss the importance of discernment in choosing projects, as well as being realistic about what one is trying to achieve.

With the banal mediocrity that is infesting media, I call upon purveyors of truth from all sides, to be original and engage in research and a unique journey of discovery. There is far to much CLICK BAITING for add revenue going on online, and not enough original content being written about or deeply researched with any diligence.

I discuss issues such as Keshe, who took falsely took credit for Sterling Allen’s year old confession to being a pedophile, whilst falsely branding all those who have blown the whistle on him as a pedophile, with absolutely no proof of claim what so ever.

Distractions are abundant, and the Panama Papers is just one more controlled opposition leak to create a desired effect.

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Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve