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Lainie Liberti interviews G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri

Sunday November 22, 2015  6:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST 
Sunday  November 22, 2015  11:00 pm – 12:00 am GMT
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From Antonio Portugal Alvizuri.

“I have a message for you and for human kind: We are not alone. We have not been alone.  Ancient sites present clear evidence of advanced thinking and engineering.

But most of all I have had experiences that proved me that we are not alone and that we, as humans, have a mission.

Our mission is related to our lives, our existence, and our civilizations.Whether you believe what I am writing or not, there is a sense of purpose in the life of every living being.

We, as the dominant species on earth have a duty toward Nature, The Animal Kingdom and our fellow humans.

Progress is made by knowledge but also by wisdom. The wisdom of finding value in love, kindness, respect and harmony with Nature and every living being.

We are called to promote such balance and such harmony. If you believe your existence can influence reality, society, your family, your friends, your peers, then indeed you can.

All you need is believe that you can and just seek to be a better human being in the widest sense of the word.

Seek to be a good son/daughter, a good father/mother, a good human being, seek to live loyal to your heart and seek to help and be of service to you, your fellows and protect mother nature and the animal kingdom.

If you do that, besides living a life with purpose, you will be impacting your surroundings.

And I in the name of those who can not speak, in the name of those who can speak and are not listened, in the name of those who exist but are not seen, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because my interest is nothing but your well being.

You don’t need to believe a word of my experiences and my message….you only have to perceive it and feel it in your heart.

The message I have can be listen, but most of all, has to be felt.”

~Antonio Portugal Alvizuri.

Lainie Liberti interviews G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri specifically about his experiences shared in two of his books, In Contact with the Grand Masters and Pakari the Andean Giant.  Antonio’s words come from the heart and his story is fascinating to say the least.  

We sincerely hope you enjoy this interview.

More information about all of his books can be found below. 


Antionio talks about the Secret Tunnels under Lake Titicaca in Bolivia


Secret Tunnels of the Titicaca is a lively and fascinating testimony of the discovery of the largest and deepest pre-Columbian tunnel ever found beneath Lake Titicaca, on the unusual circumstances surrounding its discovery and on the strange beings of light that forbid disclosing its exact location but instead make other many revelations. We will find irresistibly entrapped in the abysmal gravitation of the tale.

Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s Books


In Contact with the Grand Masters

grandmasters“In Contact with the Grand Masters” is the third book by writer and investigator Antonio Portugal Alvizuri, who on this occasion lets us know details about his contacts with great characters that dwell in the magical and still secret realm of the Andes.

The book reveals new experiences just as impressive as the ones referred to in his previous works, related to the deep world of the Andes and principally in Lake Titicaca. This way, this information about his ‘Mission’ given by the beings he is in contact surfaces.

Those beings show him details about their past lives and explain the reason of their presence in these mysterious dimensions as the astral guides. These beings allowed him access to many of the secrets of the past, knowing the landscapes and characters of other times in an exceptional voyage through time and space going through experiences with ethereal beings through out of body experiences, levitation and journeys to other dimensions.
Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

Secret Cities in the Andes, the Messages of the Beings of Light

secret citiesSecret cities in the Andes, the Messages of the Beings of Light, is a testimony of a fascinating book. It tells about the incredible astral journeys that the author has carried out through the tunnels or chinkanas to the pre columbine inter terrestrial cities in the region of the Bolivian Andes, as well as the existence of a city of light underneath the Minor Lake of the Titicaca, or Wiñay Marka (eternal city), and the city and tomb of the Great Master Lhasa in the region of Los Yungas.
Antonio Portugal in his narrative not only reveals the existence of such amazing cities, but also has the mission of continuing with his archeological investigations and a wait for the trip that he will carry out a few years from now to the great cave in the mountain of Mururata where greats secrets are Kept of the Lemur Continent.
The messages that he has received from the Beings of Light, are revealed partially by him in this book, the rest of the messages are jealously being kept until the Great Master allow him to reveal them.

Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

Pakari the Andean Giant

pakariThe presentation by Antonio Portugal to the Spanish speaking readers, that takes place in our Andean land, typical of our diversity in Bolivia, is an important task in our present for his books have awakened a special interest on the subjects written about in his previous four books : The Chinkana of the Titicaca (the secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake), Secret Cities in the Andes (the Messages of the Beings of Light), In Contact with the Grand Masters and From Tibet to the Andes, the encounter of two cultures, where he narrates the encounter with beings of light and other contacts that lead to the mission entrusted by Superior Beings. In this opportunity, the author offers his readers information on a new contact that take him to secret places such as the Great Gallery beneath Tiwanaku as well as new missions that lead him to find an underground city known as: “Latent City” or Secret City describing structures built thousands of years ago. In company of a shaman named Kupa, they see giant beings, Cyclops and dwarf beings in a state of hibernation and finding out the reason they are on our planet; the discovery of machines alongside these beings and their apparent function to reanimate these slumbering beings that will help humans in the oncoming destruction as well as their mission to permanently aid people in their astral development. He will also include the description of space ships that will serve as transport vessels for humans in the future.

Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

From Tibet to the Andes, the encounter of two cultures

tibetFrom Tibet to the Andes, The Encounter of Two Cultures is Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s fourth book which passionately narrates one more mission he must embark on in order to obtain altruistic goals and noble ends that have been given to the author of these tales. In this opportunity, the Tibetan culture emerges that in spite of many people’s disbelief, has settled in middle of the Apolobamba Mountains.

In the early 1950’s several Tibetan monks fled their homeland towards India, Nepal as well as the Andes Mountains of South America becausethe Chinese government invaded and took over Tibet. Many of the monks arrived at a region of the Apolobamba mountain range in the north of the department of La Paz in the Republic of Bolivia. Since then, they live in peace and harmony together with a group of members of the Kallawaya culture. You will discover in this book how they break the secret codes so they can finally live and enjoy their new found freedom in the Andes.

Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s trademark is to rescue the cultural values ofthese parts of the world known as Bolivia located in the heart of SouthAmerica. He shows us in every moment the great achievements of the past and Highlights the presence of those ancestral values in our daily lives even though many will try to identify customs and traditions as belonging to other foreign cultures and not as they should be: The Bolivian Andean Culture.

Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano

tunupa volcanoThe new book from Antonio Portugal Alvizurri, ¨The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano¨, will take the reader to intense experiences lived in one of the most beautiful and mystical places of Bolivia: The Salar of Uyuni and the majestic Tunupa volcano, its perpetual natural guardian.
As it is already a characteristic of his books, the challenges and extreme situations present themselves constantly in the narrative of this magnificent book in which the main character, inspired by trust, faith and perseverance, has to overcome grave obstacles while accomplishing ¨missions¨ were trusted upon him by the Beings of Light and the Grand Masters. To reach the summit of the impressive Tunupa, in adverse and painful conditions will be one of the first tests that Portugal has to achieve in order to achieve an encounter with beings from outer space.
Going into an unusual and splendid city located under the Salar of Uyuni, as well as the revelations obtained in its interior of the city, will take us according to the author to the conviction of being privileged by the Creator and to make us proud to be part of the Andean Cultures.
Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

The Chinkana of the Titicaca, The secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake

chinkana of the TiticacaThe Chinkana of the Titicaca is a lively and fascinating testimony of the discovery of the largest and deepest pre-Columbian tunnel ever found beneath Lake Titicaca, on the unusual circumstances surrounding its discovery and on the strange beings of light that forbid disclosing its exact location but instead make other many revelations. The reader will find himself irresistibly entrapped in the abysmal gravitation of the tale.

Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.




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