Geerte Frenken talks to Protective Mother Nicole


Protective Mother “Nicole” lost custody of her son to her abusive ex despite the fact that her ex admitted in court to an addiction to hardcore porn and despite evidence that he exposed their son to extreme porn, alcohol and drugs since the age of 10.

Unbeknownst to Nicole, the father of her son had been exposing her son to hard-core porn since the age of 10. All she knew was that her son’s behavior had been changing from the age of 10 on.

Nicole states: “When I realized what was going on I moved out with my children and my ex started harassing me and manufacturing false allegations about me. He stated: “I’m going to tell everyone that none of this ever happened, and I’m going to lie and tell everyone that you’re crazy.” He told everyone that I had kidnapped the children, and was harming them, and that I was not communicating with him. He said: “She has taken the children, and I don’t know where she is, and I fear she is harming them.” My ex then arranged a specious CPS assessment by feeding false information to one of the children’s schools that I was committing medical abuse of the children by having them go to the doctor too often. After a 4 month CPS investigation, I was completely exonerated of these charges. In the midst of these events, my ex called me and said, “I’m sorry that I have been sneaky, but I have emptied all of the bank accounts, and the credit card has been cancelled, and you will have to pay all the overdraft charges, and also I am filing for divorce.” He then started hacking my computer and deleting evidence and accessing my email.


We still had joint custody at this point and my ex admitted that our son had developed an addiction to pornography, and that our child’s unhealthy habits on computers had adversely affected his freshman year of high school, due to absences and poor grades. Once our son started disclosing some of this to his therapist my ex decided to abduct him. He then started to vexatiously litigate to get custody and maintain coercive control of me. While my son lived with him he was exposed to extreme porn, alcohol and drugs and he stopped going to school and he was diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder, Depression and Conduct Disorder.

My attorney Reichhardt quit 2 days before the custody trial. Despite Forensic evidence of all this child abuse, Fairfax, VA court Judge Nordland did not allow the evidence in and did not intervene to protect my child. To this day my son lives with his father and is still battling various addictions.”

Nicole’s favorite HILARIOUSLY satirical website about the corrupt, pro-pedophile Fairfax, VA Family Court system can be found HERE

This CCN Live TV Interview is scheduled for September 3rd, 2016 @ 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 CET)


So what is a Protective Mother? A Protective Mother tries to protect her child or children from their abusive father by many means necessary, which is an uphill battle in today’s corrupt global Family Court system that thrives on paternal entitlement. Maternal Deprivation at the hands of abusive fathers has reached pandemic proportions! However, Protective Mothers worldwide are uniting to fight for the right to keep their children in what could be called a new Civil Rights movement.

Professional Fine Artist and College Professor Geerte Frenken is a Protective Mother fighting for her court-abducted daughter Jasmijn. She is the host of the CCN Live TV show HELL IS FOR CHILDREN about the global plight of Protective Mothers and their children that airs every Saturday at 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 Central European Time). Recordings of the shows are made available via youtube within a few days after each Live broadcast and are archived HERE as well.

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