Geerte Frenken talks to Tabatha Thebeau


Protective Mother Tabatha Thebeau lost parental rights of her 2 children to her abusive, criminal ex and his aunt, due to false allegations of mental illness and despite evidence of child molestation, abuse and neglect.

Protective Mother Tabatha states: “My marriage fell apart when my ex started cheating on me. The court granted me full custody of our kids. My ex was put on supervised visitation. Once my ex found out that he had to pay child support and my attorney’s fees, he voluntarily relinquished his parental rights to avoid that, but Judge Boyd Dunn denied it because he wanted my ex to take responsibility. My ex and his new wife then started to scheme to get full custody of the kids. They falsely alleged that I was a mentally unstable, drug-addicted pimp! In the meantime my ex was actually the one using drugs and he had guns in the house. My ex then filed false police reports against me, stating I was going to hurt the kids and myself. I was dragged off to the hospital and CPS took my children and put them in 2 separate foster homes.

A couple of days later, they were placed with the aunt of my ex. During visitation my ex molested our 4-year old daughter, which was verified by a doctor. Our 2-year old son was found wandering around the streets by himself and my ex hit him in the head with a gun. The kids were covered in bugs. Despite this evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect, CPS transferred the kids to my ex anyway!

The court ordered a custody evaluation but the report evidenced that all the allegations my ex had made were false: there was no mental illness or drug use detected. My ex, in the meantime, dodged the court-ordered drug tests and parenting classes.

At first the court planned to have me reunited with my children, but then suddenly my parental rights were terminated because Judge Karen O’Connor stated that the kids had been away from me for 15 months, which she considered to be too long. She placed my kids back with the aunt of my ex. I haven’t had any contact with my kids since August 2016. The court procedures have financially devastated me.

I tried to appeal Judge Karen O’Connor’s custody decision but the appeal was denied. I am currently trying to figure out what the next step is and I have become a vocal Children’s Rights Activist.

This CCN Live TV Interview is scheduled for January 7th, 2016 @ 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 CET)


So what is a Protective Mother? A Protective Mother tries to protect her child or children from their abusive father by many means necessary, which is an uphill battle in today’s corrupt global Family Court system that thrives on paternal entitlement. Maternal Deprivation at the hands of abusive fathers has reached pandemic proportions! However, Protective Mothers worldwide are uniting to fight for the right to keep their children in what could be called a new Civil Rights movement.

Professional Fine Artist and College Professor Geerte Frenken is a Protective Mother fighting for her court-abducted daughter Jasmijn. She is the host of the CCN Live TV show HELL IS FOR CHILDREN about the global plight of Protective Mothers and their children that airs every Saturday at 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 Central European Time). Recordings of the shows are made available via youtube within a few days after each Live broadcast and are archived HERE as well.

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