Geerte Frenken talks to Jannell Eagan


Protective Mother Jannell Eagan lost contact with her kids when her abusive ex falsely accused her of domestic violence and negligence. She battled 457 Family Court proceedings and faced the infamous Judge Gorcyca who sentenced her to jail for 93 days when she attended a musical event at her son’s school.

Jannell states: “I am a yoga instructor for people with disabilities and veterans of war. After we were married the dynamics in our relationship changed. Despite the fact that we had 4 kids we grew apart because my ex became abusive. At some point the situation became unbearable and we divorced. Shortly afterwards he started pursuing full custody. He falsely accused me of domestic violence and negligence. His claims were investigated by CPS twice but were found to be false and the case was closed.


I retained full custody but he brainwashed our children in to rejecting me and they started living with him. I pleaded for an equitable parenting schedule but the case was dragged out in Family Court with 457 proceedings and 3 judges that spanned 13 years. The last judge was the infamous Judge Lisa Gorcyca who was recently investigated and found guilty of misconduct in the Tsimhoni custody case. Renee Gucciardo, the lawyer of my ex, is family related to this Judge, which is a conflict of interest that was ignored.

My ex continued to harass me and called the cops on me about 30 times for frivolous reasons. For example he called them stating I didn’t have enough milk in my fridge. Judge Gorcyca refused to acknowledge any of this, and when I tried to attend a musical event at my son’s school she sentenced me to 93 days in jail.

Jannell’s children are now 26, 24, 22 and 18 and have finally aged out of the Family Court system. Her ex has taught them to reject her. Her older children communicate with her sparingly; she hasn’t seen the younger ones for more than 6 years. She is trying to reach them to explain what happened in hopes of a healing journey of reunion with them.

The Reign of Terror by the infamous Oakland County Michigan Judge Gorcyca includes the imprisonment of a Protective Mother with stage 3 cancer, the juvenile detention of the Tsimhoni children (ages 9, 10 and 13) when they refused to have lunch with their abusive father and several more outrageous rulings.  She now faces disciplinary action due to judicial misconduct.

This CCN Live TV Interview is scheduled for September 24th, 2016 @ 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 CET)


So what is a Protective Mother? A Protective Mother tries to protect her child or children from their abusive father by many means necessary, which is an uphill battle in today’s corrupt global Family Court system that thrives on paternal entitlement. Maternal Deprivation at the hands of abusive fathers has reached pandemic proportions! However, Protective Mothers worldwide are uniting to fight for the right to keep their children in what could be called a new Civil Rights movement.

Professional Fine Artist and College Professor Geerte Frenken is a Protective Mother fighting for her court-abducted daughter Jasmijn. She is the host of the CCN Live TV show HELL IS FOR CHILDREN about the global plight of Protective Mothers and their children that airs every Saturday at 3PM Eastern Time (21:00 Central European Time). Recordings of the shows are made available via youtube within a few days after each Live broadcast and are archived HERE as well.

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