Understanding The Middle East Crisis: Empowering The Military To Shift The Paradigm With Hirini Reedy (Episode 63, GFM Media)


understanding the middle east crisis hirini reedy global freedom movement

In this episode of Global Freedom Movement Media, ex-New Zealand military and current Maori spiritual warrior and Elder Hirini Reedy speaks about government’s warmongering agenda, offering the opportunity for serving and former military to act as peacekeepers and shift the paradigm in a more sane and safe direction for us all.

The episode will explain the situation in Syria—and the fact that the United States, Turkey and other such countries are in breach of International Law in being in Syria—and addresses the political reasons for the actions of the United States and Turkey. We will also address the motivations of these governments in moving towards a land invasion of Syria, with forces massing – on a scale that is only ever used for war – as we speak.

Hirini explains what a military Oath is and why declining to take up arms (as a member of the military) would not be in breach of that Oath when the government is acting contrary to International Law.

The episode is intended to inform serving and retired personnel that declining to deploy is a valid and lawful response and that the agenda of the United States and associated countries CANNOT succeed with the support of the Armed Forces. In other words, our military are uniquely placed to shift this paradigm and are invited to be a part of Global Freedom Movement.

Hirini Reedy will also share his experience as a Maori Elder and his spiritual training to educate people about building internal resistance and what it means to have the role of a true peacekeeper. He is the Founder of Aio Koa which is a training program and peacekeeper movement for military and law enforcement officers that equips them with sacred knowledge, including the concept of a Higher Oath.

The interview will conclude with information for both the military and civilian personnel. This includes an understanding of why the government uses fear-based programs (such as war) and projected drama and what happens when individuals emotionally energise fear.

Please join us as we assist you to understand the ins and outs of the middle east crisis, and offer an empowering solution that current and former military, and civilians alike, can stand together to powerfully implement.