Australia’s Shame: The City of Perth’s War on the Homeless


An Unfolding Emergency: War on the Homeless

As you may know, homelessness rates continue to skyrocket in Australia and the world over. Indeed, many every day Australians are suffering from mortgage stress and high rents, making housing affordability and lack of ‘stock’ for public housing a big issue.

Government departments have until now opted to ‘fix’ the issue of the homeless of Perth with heartless and inhumane solutions, such as the sprinkler system installed at the King Street Arts Centre (Perth) to drench and deter homeless people from sleeping on the brick paving in the middle of Winter. Violence and sexual predation are genuine dangers for the homeless, as they are forced to move from squat to park to alleyway.

war on the homeless city of perthMatargarup at Heirisson Island in Perth has provided a safe space and sheltering scores for the homeless of Perth, yet the City of Perth and their police escort have now raided Matargarup a total of eleven times. Each raid has stranded families, toddlers, babies, the elderly without any shelter or essentials, and without the safe space that they have come to know. Matargarup is a registered sacred site (#3589) with the Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System. The type of site is listed as: Mythological, Camp, Hunting Place, Meeting Place, Plant Resource. The raids are unlawful.

The City of Perth is adding to the issue of homelessness, not seeking to solve the problem. It is clear our fellow humans are in dire need of assistance, and a solution is well overdue.

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