Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, 22nd January 2017 7pm GMT


This week’s guest on my show is Nicolas David Ngan, author of ‘Your Soul Contract Decoded’.


Nicolas has developed a powerful, profoundly transformative body of Soul Contract work at the Center for Conscious Ascension and a regular guest on Gaia TV. He is regarded as a world leader in this field and has been working at the cutting edge of raising human consciousness for over 20 years. Together with Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire he has helped thousands to understand their lives, embody and express their higher consciousness and transmute their emotional separation programming.

We are going to be discussing how he got into the practice of raising human consciousness, how he has co-developed the tools for doing so, and where he thinks we are in the process. Nicolas will offer us many important insights into how we can make progress in our own lives, how we can perform healing on ourselves and our loved ones, and bring our soul’s mission online.

Here is a link to one of Nicolas’ episodes on Gaia: