Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, Monday 5th March 2018, 7pm GMT


My guest on this week’s show is Eric Alaniz, an enigmatic American based in Switzerland, who managed to experience a sort of parallel world shift going from a life of instability in Switzerland, existing without a work permit and managing a bar at a night club to a legit job working at the UN and finding another world of challenges, while at the same time diving deep into energy work.

He’s is big into cycling, mountaineering, and is passionate about life, the nature of reality and the meaning of truth in all their facets. Like my guest last week, Eric is trained in reiki, but also sees himself as a bit of a culture hacker, a self teacher, an energy explorer, and an intuitive in reverse engineering psychology. He’s keen to uncover the links between ancient civilizations mythology/technology, our present society, and future global agendas, and enjoys going deep into the energetic and hidden emotional aspects of the self.

So all in all, this episode of Giant Steps promises to be a real ride off the beat track, out of your comfort zone and into the heart of the matter!

If there’s time, I’ll also give my take on exercise as this week’s challenge if you’re following my week by week pilot for my forthcoming book ‘A Year to a New You’.

Join me at 7pm!