Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, Monday 26th March 2018, 7pm GMT


This week on Giant Steps I will be talking to a lovely Aussie lady based in Sussex, Ishala Wayshower, whose website is:

Ishala is a Divine Blue Print Architect, Soul Whisperer, Light Language Channel and is dedicated to supporting Lightworkers and Starseeds shine their Magnificence, so we are going to dive into a whole variety of topics, and even receive a bit of a transmission from spirit too, all being well!

Ishala’s business and soul mission, Next Level Healing, is a Cosmic offering connecting Multidimensionally for Advanced Healing, Soul Readings, Light Language DNA upgrades & Divine Blue Print Programs. Her aim is to help all her clients live the life their Soul intended, and I am sure that by the end of the programme, your soul will be feeling very fired up too!