Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, Monday 26th February 2018, 7pm GMT


This week on Giant Steps the theme is self-healing, and I will be joined by Rebecca Fry, a lovely Welsh lady a reiki and (like my fellow CCN host Jo Lomax) is an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner. She is also a jazz singer, and that’s how we first met – through music. I’ve also been to marches and rallies with Rebecca too, as our politics are pretty aligned, but on Monday we’re going to be talking about how Rebecca got into the different types of healing, what they offer, and why we could all benefit from learning how to tap on ourselves.

Rebecca works for in Richmond in South West London ( she offers EFT & Reiki for anyone who feels that either could help them physically, mentally & emotionally, particularly focussing on performance nerves & nervous anxiety. She says the first thing she tackled with EFT, was her ‘fear of singing / performing in public’ – and after just two EFT sessions on her nerves, she didn’t just neutralise them, she turned them around completely and can now sing with freedom, calm confidence & joy.