Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, Monday 23rd April 2018, 7pm GMT


This week on my show I will be talking to Joanna McEwen, whom I met recently at a weekend workshop for shamans in Sussex.

Joanna is a qualified and experienced sound therapist who works with individuals and groups facilitating sound baths and one to one sound treatments, delivering wellbeing, music, and drama workshops for adults and children of all ages and abilities, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and  Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. 

She trained with The College of Sound Healing and the British Academy of Sound Therapy, and now uses the medium of voice, tuning forks, gongs, Himalayan and Crystal bowls, percussive instruments and drums in her work, to help bring people’s bodies, hearts and minds back into their natural state of harmony.

We’re going to be talking about energy medicine, cymatics and how we can all use the power of sound to achieve a better state of health.