Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, Monday 19th March 2018, 7pm GMT


This week on Giant Steps my guest will be Otto Haddad, an inspirational sound therapist based in London.

Before turning his life passion of Sound into a full-time job and a life mission, Otto studied industrial computing, IT and engineering and spent many years working in four countries as a consultant in Corporate environments. Since acquiring solid basics of scientific Sound work in the British Academy of Sound Therapy then SoundTherapyUK, he has run more than five hundred Sound and Gong Baths and helped hundreds of people in one-to-one treatments mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Otto has also been fine-tuning his natural Psychic and Mediumship abilities by studying in the world-renowned Arthur Findlay college. As a result, his work is now a combination of mathematics, technology, sound and spirit! He offers a Sound Therapy Training course that combines cutting-edge voice analysis technology and knowledge of ancient sound instrument. He also does Sound Baths (a fine tuning session of one of the seven Chakras with specific instruments like Singing Bowls and Drums) and Gong Baths (works powerfully on mind, body and emotions) for a near-instant healing session. 

Join us on the 19th to learn more about the healing power of sound!