Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, 8th January 2018, 7pm GMT


Tonight is the first show in a new series entitled Giant Steps, hosted by writer and musician, Sarah Chaplin. The series aims to take you off the beaten track, out of your comfort zone, and into the heart of the matter.

Together with guest and fellow CCN host, Jo Lomax, Sarah will open up some of the subject areas she plans to cover in the coming weeks.


Inspired by the belief that we are no longer taking baby steps into a brand new paradigm, this magazine-format show will uncover aspects of our newly conscious world where we are now making massive leaps forward and will bear witness to the ways in which we are rewriting the past and resetting the future by dismantling the accepted narratives, theories and practices in science, health, education, technology, nutrition, politics, culture, astronomy, energy, archaeology, philosophy, religion and spirituality. Giant Steps aims to unravel the things that have either been kept hidden from view or are hidden in plain sight, and week by week, set out the bigger picture as it really is.

Our host, London-based former architect and academic, Sarah Chaplin, will give an opening statement at the start of each programme, capturing the current state of play with regard to the unfolding of a new reality based on truth and abundance. She will then bring on her guest to hear their perspective on where we’re at, as well as finding out what giant steps they have made in their lives to get where they are today. You will meet some of the leading practitioners and most ground-breaking thinkers around today, who are all playing their part in bringing us into alignment with our soul’s purpose. As a little take-home extra, guests will be invited to offer viewers something practical to integrate into their daily lives if they want to, such as a new meditation technique, a new approach to self healing, a new mantra, or sometimes simply a new concept to explore further.

As Sarah is a jazz musician and a writer, there will be music and fiction involved, and in particular Sarah plans to share with viewers week by week a sneak preview of her latest book, as well as some of her favourite music. Along the way there will also be short inspirational video segments by other contributors, adding extra insights into how we can manifest our own giant steps into a loving, joyful future.

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