Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin 5th February 2018, 7pm GMT


This week I will be looking at how we achieve a better work-life balance, how we deal with stress, and how we can take active steps to reduce the likelihood of stress affecting our performance and our mood on a daily basis.

My guest will be Jill Bennett, something of a network marketing phenomenon and someone who’s not only had first hand experience of all the things I just mentioned, but who has very proactively turned her life around to bring herself into balance and start to embody higher consciousness. 

Jill worked as an auditor for the Foreign Office for many years and travelled the world auditing the British Embassies and High Commission.  After having her children this had to stop and after many years of working in London she decided to have a career break – after two years, boredom made her look for work again but Jill didn’t want the pressures of child care and commuting.  That’s when she was introduced to Arbonne, a network marketing company. After educating herself on what this profession was she jumped in and has found the joy of personal development which has led to all sorts of things including her own radio show on community radio station Brooklands Radio.

The show will also feature a music video called ‘Behind the Mist’ by the vibraphonist Martin Pyne with visuals by Maria Hayes.