Giant Steps with Sarah Chaplin, 29th January 2018, 7pm GMT


This week my guest on the show is a wonderful yoga teacher, life coach and practitioner, Kirsty Bentley Taylor. She worked for a number of year establishing East of Eden Yoga in Krabi, Thailand where she was living, and now having returned to the UK runs her own business ‘This Happy Guru’, balancing her time between running workshops and courses for adults and children in the UK and offering retreats back in Thailand, as well as being the mother of three young children and a passionately conscious activist.

Kirsty will share with us her passion for yoga in the most holistic sense, explaining the whole of the eight limbs that many people overlook, believing that yoga is just about the asanas.

So far with my previous guests we’ve focused on issues to do with making transitions both personally and globally/cosmically, their own giant steps to move into their spiritual path and bring their soul mission online, and also how rapidly the shift in consciousness is unfolding.

This week as part of my self-help programme ‘A Year to a New You’ – which is a work in progress that I’m sharing with viewers week by week – I will also bring up the theme of keeping a journal, something I know that Kirsty is also a big fan of.

See you on Monday!