Get Lit episode 9


This week Blue Star Deerwomon will be flying Solo. Get ready to drop deeply and hear the Resonant Message she’ll arrive to share with you.

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Get Lit episode 9

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May 17th, 2015

Inter-Dimensional Outreach

This writing is in response to a mutual co-operation with all dimensional realities of benevolence. As I had my morning sit and session with the council of my own divine be-ingness a communication unfolded. This communication is what I share here today.

I often begin my morning sits announcing to the inter dimensional planes that I seek to experience their presence. I call in my families and all relations of benevolence to allow myself the experience of their energetic attendance. Typically within minutes I begin to sense the energetics and then I acknowledge and express my gratefulness for be-ing heard and my request fulfilled.

This morning as I entered this time of communication I was reminded that I/We are in co-operation with other dimensional existences. Once I acknowledged this I was prompted to share what I know and what I may contribute as an Earthling. Thus the conversation opened up.

It was important for me to remember that no one or other existence is going to swoop down and rescue anything. However, it was as important to be reminded that I/We have to do our part. So I spoke aloud with the energetics that “showed up” and asked for guidance and direction for our visit.

I was reminded of a message I received quite some time ago. That message was that I was be-ing monitored from a nearby ship and that my every word, thought and deed was precious to them. But more significantly when I spoke aloud it was the most prominent reception on their end. It was explained to me that there was a device that received my resonant vibrations via my voice. Essentially I was in-couraged to speak aloud all my thoughts, requests and responses. That is how this session unfolded today.

When I settled and calibrated to the presence of my benevolent family I approached the topic of what and how can we facilitate the necessary activity here upon Earth to gain more tangible assistance from them. I was reminded that co-operation was a necessary task at hand and that we, as Earthlings, must meet them halfway. Then I searched within my own energetic fabric to understand how I could provide my halfway contribution. The conversation opened up and I started my understanding of how I could assist.

It became clear and once again I remembered that I, as an Earthling, have the ability and perception to speak as an Earthling. Because I have engaged upon this planet and with humonity as an Earthling I have the experience and understanding of what the issues of concern may be. In recognition of this position I also noted that my families of benevolence could not necessarily do this. They were not living in this world and needed my contribution of understanding so they could be of assistance. They are very sensitive to the request for help and also embrace the desire to be of help. However, as many of us know they cannot breach the universal law of “free will” and just come sweeping in with all their repair mechanisms. Not only do they have to be invited but they have to work co-operatively with us.

This ignited me sharing what I knew of our situation and offering direction on how we may go about this. I found that I had to recognize the energetic mapping of the obstacles we are experiencing here in order to facilitate the families of benevolence’s most active and available tools. They seem to be able to identify energetic signatures and work from that approach.

I started with recognizing that a need to sort out and identify the issues upon the planet meant a rather elaborate unfolding of layers. This called upon my own tools of psychological and spiritual considerations that had been a direct and personal part of my own process. I knew I needed to isolate these particularities in order to facilitate how they may serve.

I started with the recognition of the obvious. As I started to impart the areas of corruption and concern I noted that each energetic component was a circle, albeit, a loop. Later I was to identify how we may be relieved of the loop. For now I will begin to name the areas that came to heart-mind.

These areas of concern were; each of the earth kingdoms such as; plants, trees, minerals, animals, devas, fairies and plant spirits. Then I named the chemtrails and all toxins. Each time I named a layer I said this is a concentric circle because I was seeing each layer as not connected but as an isolated circle vulnerable to control. The individual and separative circles were representing how the powers that were created a divisive energy trap. Then I followed each announced circle with a sound, sort of like a “pop” to emphasize that was a distinct, recognized and consolidated issue.

I proceeded with all weapons be-ing dis-armed; pollution cleared, people fed and watered, shelters provided, each of the earth elements cleansed, fire, water, air, earth, ethers; elimination of the divisiveness, separateness among the people; removal of attachments that were hindering people from be-ing free, exploring and using their imaginations; freedom of speech returned, available health care. For now, you get the gist of my list.

Once these circles of concern were identified I saw that they needed to eventually interact, become connected. I asked that we use the model of crystal rainbow bridges connecting one circle to the next so in the result the conglomeration of circles were now evolving into a spiral.

Once this visual was shared I aligned it with our kundalini. Now all the circles were on top of one another transformed into a continuous spiral, the kundalini.

All the while remember I Am offering audio and inner telepathic visuals to the council of benevolent families in my presence. I Am clarifying the issues of concern and offering a model for them to follow energetically in understanding they will come to meet with their benevolent tools.

During the course of this inter-exchange I felt very strongly that beginning to clearly set goals and facilitate direction on behalf of humonity was, in our understanding, setting intention into the ethers.

I was prompted in this instance to give a more concise communication to our energetic families of benevolence. I was exercising my co-creative abilities through the sense of my multi-dimensional and sensorial presence.

This presentation is no different than us making Declarations of our Sovereignty. It is essentially the same practice only I Am developing the sphere of outreach and intention. I Am extending the focus of where I want the ripples of consciousness to go. In a sense I Am presenting a plan of action to our multi-dimensional families from an Earthling’s perspective. My intention and heartfelt aim is to clearly communicate that I want to have co-operation and assistance for our worldly matters. I felt the call to address more response-ability and action in stating what we need.

Note I continue to use the word “benevolence”. This is my way of keeping the outreach safe and emphatically clear that I Am only speaking to those nations, families that genuinely and heartfully care about us and the Mother. This intention emphasizes that the support and collaboration can only exist with purity of intent and purpose of our collective humon desire for freedom, peace and love for all.

In this process I Am continually checking my inner resonance and heart-mind integrity. Each time I ask a question or dialogue about a subject I Am watching very carefully that my resonance is coming forth from my heart. During the exchange I intermittently re-affirm that I Am “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted” and I Am in divine alignment with the 6 heart virtues of, appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, humility, understanding and courage. I proceed.

After I identify each of the circles, layers of what needs attention I ask that a council be applied to that circle. Basically, I Am facilitating the breakdown of all the components-fragments upon this planet that need full attention and assistance. I Am sorting out the problem areas and identifying them energetically so the energetic signature can be received by them telepathically and through resonant expression. This has always been my understanding and means of communication with other families of benevolence.

The next aspect I heard a call to address is not only the spiraling of all circles with connected crystal rainbow bridges but a deeper symbology made itself known. I shared this with my benevolence. I said this image seems to resonant connectivity when I do this kind of inner reflection. I offered the telepathic visual of the “flower of life” and showed it in motion in my heart area. I demonstrated how there is an electrical movement that flows through each of the leafs into the next and the next and the next. While this is happening the “flower of life” appears like a living organism with movement, outgrowth and continual connectedness.

Again, a reminder, I Am offering visuals and resonances of an Earthling. These aren’t necessarily what they work with nor identify with. So, like a dolphin, I Am generating telepathic, picturesque symbols to communicate the essence of my message.

Another request I made was to enthuse the multi-dimensional understanding of humons so they may attune to these resonate ways of communicating with each other and with our families of benevolence. Let the people recognize their response-ability and their sovereign power in becoming communicators of assistance and planning for the planet. Following a request like this I would visual what I just described above with the “flower of life”.

Other circles that I spoke to were that of the fields of study upon the planet such as; science, education, philosophy, religion, government, culture, etc. I again directed a council to form around each field of study. The intention was to cleanse it of all that is “not of love” and enthuse it with the integrity of “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

In my studies I have been guided to elaborate on the topic of “The Science of Multiple Realities”. This presentation is, in fact, the nature of this topic. It seems in our new changing day and age we are finally acknowledging that the multiple dimensions of reality do, in fact, exist. Admittedly, we are new to this expansive understanding. For a long period of time we held the mental concept of this probability. However, now it is becoming quite apparent it is a truth within the collective consciousness that is seeking expression. Much is simply revealed by the enormous amount of data contained in what is called “Disclosure”. And as a result, our planet and humonity is be-ing prepared for the confirmed reality that other existence’s not only are for real but there is a multitude of them. I believe that the mere presence of this conversation upon the planet is what prompted me in knowing I could even deliver the very content of this subject in this very here and now. The future has arrived in this present time. And, personally, I Am so very delighted!

“The Science of “Multiple Dimension Realities” is an important theme within the readings of the Wingmakers. Quote:  “All institutions of science, religion, education, government and culture will be reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as the core knowledge upon which they are based….Governments will be obliged to restructure their political systems to allow for the integration of the new systems of knowledge, specifically to incorporate the widespread understanding of the multidimensional universe and the extended brotherhood of intelligent beings that live herein”.  What does that mean?

My sense is that this newly emerging field of study is what symbolizes what we call “Unity Consciousness”. It is a bridge of connectivity always interacting with Source. This awareness upon the planet will revolutionize our relations with the Mother and each other. It is a renewal that I believe will remind us of who we are, our origins as Earthlings and our experience with each other and all life on the planet. In a way it will be the culmination of finally connecting all the dots with  “Source Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

Our healing comes first then comes our re-union and re-introduction with our star families of benevolence. They are fully present now and have always been. Their communications are telepathic, picturesque and resonant. Each one of us can dial them up. Let go of what you have been told and allow them to communicate directly with you. They’ll tell you straight up who they are and what their intentions are. The families of benevolence are transparent. Our transparency is what opens up the channels to connect. Don’t be afraid. Set your intention. Allow yourself to listen from within. Ask questions. Have conversations. Know the path of exchange is nurtured by a very important universal law and divine code – that of the “Tone of Equality”. Oneness prevails when “Source is Un-In-Terre-Rupted”.

Now each one of you have plenty to say about what needs to be repaired upon this Earth. I suggest you establish relations and declare your desires and intentions as powerfully as you are declaring sovereignty as a living be-ing walking upon the earth right now!

Basically, I in-courage you to Declare more expansively. Get bigger, get louder, say it like it is to those who are waiting for you to declare not only needing their help but how can we help. Recognize the help is not just ships, technology, tools etc as much as the energetic resonance that you desire to live in while residing on Planet Blue, Our Mother.

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