GET LIT episode 58 “Lost In Translation”


Lost In Translation

When “Sitting In The Now” there is grand views of inner and outer realities. For the most part we seek and allow the quietude to emerge as we settle into the inner be-ing of our souls, spirit and nature. Then the moment arrives for our newly found truths to have a Voice. This precious moment calls forth a “translation” the element of connecting in the external, material reality…a crystal rainbow bridge from within to without. Here the bubbles, sparks and challenges occur. The quest to reveal our true inner be-ingness with no in-terre-ruption reaches for the perfect alignment and calibration with words and actions. It’s a dirty playing field we enter yet it’s a clean, heart-spirit desire that chooses to re-enter and merge expression. Often this is the “snag” where we simply are “Lost In Translation”.

When cleansed spirit of “I Am” emerges each time in the realities that surround us the intention is pure, delightful and sincere. However, our materialized realities aren’t clean reflections of the cleansed “I Am”. As we reach to translate these magnificent, beautiful be-ings of loving kindness we are challenged by the limited tools of expression. The words are shallow, the programming of a negative and scarce mindset offers a tiny portal, a controlled cell in which we are to pour our grandness into and through. This jaunted mindset of old thoughts, fear grown bodies induce a significant “Lost In Translation” delivery.

How do we cleanse the “translation” to truly and uniquely represent the burning fire of “I Am” into this shadow world we seek to transform, transmute, uplift? Could the empathic, telepathic circuitry of inner vibration, frequency and silence be a route we have only slightly explored? Can our imagination “see us into be-ing”?! This is the upcoming topic of discussion for GET LIT, Thursday 11am Central, CCN.


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We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.

This comical yet brilliant duo, Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn, address just about any issue from a creative and new paradigm consciousness perspective to lighten up, be a spiritual warrior and “GET LIT” in all realms of your life.
This dynamic duo uses their tools of consciousness and movement-theatre background to present in a new and refreshing way. They go deep and they lighten up. This is the intention of the show – to present the issues of today, ask some of the hard questions, share empathy and understanding while finding any reason to laugh and play. Callers gratefully are invited as part of the conversation. Follow us on Facebook:

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