GET LIT episode 57 “Inner ET Disclosure”



I asked for yet another deep download and my Inner ET appeared. Disclosure is from within. Can you expand your awareness to recognize the unfoldment of Star Nation DNA within and flowering out? Rebecca will be interviewing Blue Star as she shares some deep revelations and relatedness to the concept of Co-Creators and We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For! Perhaps an embrace of Self-Prophesizing-Self is a potent way through?!
Along with this thread is the examination of linear timeline and the Now timeline. How do they differ, snag and free. Rebecca will be offering the perspective of Neuroscience and Physiology as a bridge between “Who we Think We Are” and “Who We Truly Are”. Yes, a cosmic Show to say the least. Come join us!

Introduction Read By Blue Star Deerwomon

There are many ways to experience this show today. Some of the consciousness shared may make no sense to you yet you will have your own, individuated responses. This is the most significant experience to be watchful of.

During the course of the show note your responses. If there is something that is too out-of-the-box for you. Do you negate it? Judge it as not possible? Does it bring up fear? Is it too opposed to a belief you may hold? These responses, if held in your awarenesses, are truly the kernels of gold of un-covering more truth in yourself. It is not necessarily the content, although it can be. It is your experience of the content and frequency that becomes the pointer to your personal truth. Hold that closely to your heart, be open to explore and take responsibility for your responses. Sometimes it is one shiny moment of insight. Relish in the insight and allow your discernment to pick and choose what to contemplate upon. This way of approaching external information is how to cultivate the diversity in yourself and others. It is a foundation for acceptance of all things, people, nations without giving your power away.

Article Re: Timelines Discussed in This Show:


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