GET LIT episode 55 “I Died of My Own Causes”


Died Own Cause

Recently, I listened to a recording with Winston Shrout New Republic Update & History by Winston Shrout – March 29, 2016and so much was moved in me on wanting to share my thoughts and opinions on the subject of “Transitional Times”. In this instance the conversation begins with the institution of “The New Republic” and just how is this going to be communicated to “We The People”.

As many “Event” announcements have occurred throughout the years we have witnessed them coming and going yet not seeing any event to speak of. So yet again another announcement occurs stating May 1st, 2016 is the projected date of The New Republic. I had to back up, once again, and seriously look at this potential occurrence. In my opinion, it is way out of balance and that is what I want to address.

After conversation about this topic with my Co-Host Rebecca Hahn and joining guests, Tomas Qubeck and Alia Chandler (The Voice) we decided the 3 characters to be voiced in the upcoming “GET LIT” Live Broadcast on CCN are  JFK, Princess Diana and Chief Seattle. What would their messages be in these times bringing “We The People” up to date on all the Truths that have been hidden from us and the real state of affairs of our Country and Planet and Inter-Galactic Nations?!

As I searched for who could possibly be a leader in these times I recognized the deep mis-trust that permeates our planet and how challenging it would be to trust just about anyone. As I searched for who could that possibly be I came up with JFK, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This evolved after a group discussion to JFK, Chief Seattle and Princess Diana who all “Died of Own Causes” albeit the cause for the greater whole.

May this conversation go far and wide and specifically drop into the consciousness of who will be in the seat of the President upon this change-over. For now, it would seem to be Paul Ryan. If so, may you be endowed with the words and consciousness of We The People who our government rightfully represents. Aho!

After Show Summary by Tomas Qubeck

Listen to the clear and bright spirit of John F. Kennedy speak to us in a riveting speech brought into words by Shama Blue Star Deerwomon. In his speech JFK says what it is that “We The People” need to hear so that we may step into our new future with eyes wide open. It is a future free of mental- emotional, financial and spiritual slavery.

Lady Diana’s spirit is expressed in such a personal way by Rebecca Hahn that it touches each of our lives. From this perspective she offers us guidance on how to live in these new times in order to support the transition we are now in the midst of. Becca transmits the essence of this courageous light-worker and the ordeal of her life in her steadfast loyalty to her own higher Integrity. You will understand what it means that she “died of her own cause.”

Chief Seattle is known for the impactful speech of 1855 attributed to him, in which he implores the European settlers to honor this land and its spirits. He speaks to us today, represented by Tomas Qubeck. The Chief points out that we can embody the spirit of the Natural Peoples while living in today’s busy world.

A fourth participant (identified simply as The Voice) brings essential evidence of facts that underlie our understanding of the whole depth and scope of the fraud that has been, and is still, perpetrated on this country for more than 200 years. It is the foundation for the ‘controllers’ usurpation of our sovereignty and the resulting pluderage of our life-force for their selfish ends. This information galvanizes the listener into realizing that it is now time for “We The People” to find OUR VOICE and to speak loud and clear for the life we want.

Together these four voices offer a highly intriguing view of our present situation and offer us models for how our personal behavior and attitude can change the course of events for humanity on this planet. You won’t regret having made time to listen in to the archived show.


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References Submitted by “The Voice”:

Princess Diana

Interview with Princess Diana’s Confidante, Christine Fitgerald

David Icke – The Biggest Secret

Excerpts from book

YouTube full length movie of book

Reference Submitted by “The Voice”

John F. Kennedy

Executive Order 11110, signed into law on June 4, 1963 and some good info on the Fed Reserve System in general

During a speech he made at the United Nations in September of 1963, Kennedy proposes joint space venture with Russia to land a man on the moon. The Russians were open to the idea.

Link to Full Article —

Kenndy-Krushchev personal relationship as revealed by Krushchev’s granddaughter


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