GET LIT episode 53 “Un-Stuck” Yourself, “Un-Fuck” Yourself


Unstuck Yourself

The Planetary energies are here to assist us. Embrace this magnificent force and “Let Go”.

What is in your very thoughts at this very moment that continues to “tether” you to an old paradigm? Is there an assessment of life, the world, yourself that is still in the form of a negative judgement? Pause for a moment and ask why and how a thought of judgement only lodged within yourself is serving you?

Let’s take the scenario of the world at large. If we hold that the world is fucked up then we are harboring this thought form within. A fucked up thought form can in no way be fostering a love or existence of peace. This does not mean we don’t recognize that something could be improved, released or upped to a more vibratory nature of peace. It certainly means we are getting real about certain conditions in life that inevitably are calling out for change, positive change and one that is in alignment with peace, equality, justice and virtues of the heart.

I have to ask at this juncture and I have to break down the very substance and quality of our thoughts and wonder when we are going to embrace the power and influence of these thoughts?

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After Show Summary By Rebecca Hahn

Yes the title of this weeks show is a bit Potty Mouth-y but we got your attention, didn’t we? Last week’s show focused on the addictive nature of primitive emotions so it is only natural that we take it one step further and explore in what ways we completely self sabotage or fuck ourselves out of liberating ourselves from that which holds our happiness prisoner. We discuss how to alchemize the more base emotions and transform them into pure love. We examine the true purpose of the ego and give it a new job description, one that will serve our self growth. The real job of the ego is to help the divine within all of us to find the answers to transform the world. All our negativity serves to inform us and guide us toward clearing that which does NOT serve, yet typically we use the ego as the Devil’s tool. We also reassign the duties of emotional DNA, the energetic of money and the role the ego plays in concert with other’s. With this new outlook on how to use that which left you sabotaged and fucke’d before will give you new insights into how you can reframe your life and get unstuck! So tune in, drop down and GET LIT about how screwed up we only think we are!

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